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I think the most newsworthy development of the day is that the Illinois House voted to approve civil unions for gays. They stopped short of calling it marriage, but they still left NY in the dust

In a related civil right story, survey says gay soldiers are allowed not to hide their identity

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The article on line has a different headline and certainly avoids making this point directly

Deficit commission delays vote

is all it says – then speaks at length about the difficulty of garnering the required 14 votes within the commission.

Still, when it comes to the Nancy promised vote in Congress we get

Simpson noted that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had promised a quick up or down vote on any recommendation that receives at least 14 votes from the commission’s 18 members, but said he considers any vote unlikely during the lame duck session of Congress. Bowles confirmed that the incoming speaker of the House, Republican John Boehner, had made no such commitment.

Even better, from Meow Mix Sr himself

Commission staff director Bruce Reed said flatly that there will be no vote this year.

Does it mean I get to draw some frozen but undiminished checks for a while? Will the GOP take credit for it? Tricky!

This one is a real head scratcher for me. But I live to eat another day (frozen, but still people food)

Long live gridlock!.

Nothing startling here, just the chill of those two words

GOP smiles

It conjures a very devious and manipulative alien. Now the whole thing

GOP smiles after W.H. session

and more

After talking with President Obama for two hours, Republicans said Tuesday that they were “pleased” and remained committed to finding “common ground.”

I am sure that back in Troy, when the soldiers who came out of the horse let the other invaders in, they exchanged the same smiles….

There’ll be a while till the truth gets to the Trojans.

In O’ville, this is the most popular topic

This Modern World: The new bipartisanship

My question for them is: how different is “Bipartisan” from “Post-partisan”?

It was the stated agenda of The One when you thought he was progressive.

At a time when a candidate had to contrast war and misery to peace and prosperity.


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