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I liked this part of Obama’s speech when he switched generals

We need to remember what this is all about.  Our nation is at war

I mean, we really need to remember what this is about. Why are we a nation at war again?

he also said

But war is bigger than any one man or woman, whether a private, a general, or a president.

I am pretty sure it’s bigger than all the people which died in it. So, do we need to worship it or something?

I know it has a deadline which starts to look like the horizon

US officials downplay July 2011 withdrawal from Afghanistan

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates rejected suggestions Sunday that US forces will move out of Afghanistan in large numbers in July of next year under a deadline set by President Barack Obama.”That absolutely has not been decided,” Gates said in an interview with Fox News Sunday.

The Guardian correctly noted that

America has settled into being a nation perpetually at war. In this climate it’s no surprise generals sometimes get out of control

So, the question would be, where is the anti-war movement?

Found it! Busy scrubbing the past!

After all, it’s not nice to protest the Nobel Prize for peace laureate!


This terrific headline

Cutting to heart of Obama’s dilemma: ‘Can the war be won?’

a reporter shouted an impromptu question. “Can the war be won?” he yelled. The president didn’t answer — perhaps because he doesn’t know.

Video at the link.

B0bot apologia

1. Well, at least he didn’t lie


and more

10. That’s not exactly a fair article.

The president was finished his statement and was walking away from the podium. He didn’t take questions.
8. Supid, pissant, mousey little showboating reporter

and some common sense

7. It’s all about Obama, huh? WHAT ABOUT THOSE KILLING AND BEING KILLED???

End the war. NOW.


Having taking active part in the splitting of the party during the CEO engineered primary, Moveon has been for the most part quiet about all the turns to the right for the administration they helped.

Now however, they go to the next step: protesting a progressive Rep for not submitting to Obama’s corporate interests

Yesterday,‘s Cleveland Council and the Universal Health Care Action Network announced its members will hold a demonstration on Tuesday afternoon outside Kucinich’s Lakewood office, the day after President Obama visits a Strongsville recreation center in Kucinich’s district to restate his case for health care reform.

How dare Kuchinich hold out for singe payer?

In Bobotland there is some dissatisfaction. Here’s the headline

MoveON has received it’s marching orders . (and they can kiss my behind)

We hear from ex-members some just like me

When they endorsed Obama for President during the primaries, I moved on and dropped my membership. I would have dropped my membership if they had supported Clinton or Edwards as well. Let the party endorse. Let newspapers endorse, women’s groups, labor groups, and others. MoveOn’s hands were tied by an endorsement. It hampered their abilities to get our issues out in front. Clearly, none of our candidates were that far left of center, based on their statements and records. It was up to MoveOn to push our candidates to the left, not to spend time defending them when they took the side of corporations or other big money interests. Let them endorse the nominee AFTER the convention, as long as they still hold him accountable! MoveOn was supposed to be a watchdog for the people!

some also of the same mind as me

Me too. I hosted several “Bake Back the Whitehouse” fundraisers at my business

and raised over $1,300 for them, but this is going too far. We stopped donating to them when they failed to act on the election fraud in Ohio.

And we hear a kick-ass indictment of their hypocrisy

5. have they marched at Stupacks offices or at any of the bluedog

offices? yelled about taking single payer or public option off the table?

just wonderin.

and we hear from the operatives too

0. Go Move On! Fight for the American People!

tkmorris Donating Member (1000+ posts)
22. For the American People?
Well, I suppose there are some American people being employed by Health Insurance companies. Probably more than a couple American lobbyists who benefit too.

Someone linked to a good piece on them  from last year that explains the twist

Rahm Emanuel’s Think Tankers Enforce ‘Message Discipline’ Among ‘Liberals’

What is clear here is that CAP and MoveOn are now basically psuedo-official PR flaks targeting “liberals” to support the White House agenda.

Not unlike NARAL and Planned Parenthood which sold out women and are still doing it..


Ironically, in an article about money in politics Obama Times mentions Moveon as having one of their famously crooked votes, the liberal advocacy group, took a vote of its membership last week and found that 83 percent said the House should pass the Senate bill. Not long ago, the group was urging Democrats to push for a stronger measure that included a public option.

Geez, I wonder what changed.

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