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Will Kelly attack the widow now?

predictably, ๐ŸŠย  does “I WAS Respectful, bitch!”

aand another thread listing Kelly’s 20 lies (+ 7 more)

Summary thread – what happened on Character Counts week


and a brilliant response to NYT bothsidery

another analysis


The story grows uglier still with Gen Kelly jumping in to viciously attack the Congresswoman – and reiterate that soldiers sign on to be killed

and she answers

and also

After beating the protesting athletes over the head with the flag and the fallen soldiers (as recently as this morning, after ignoring the 4 soldiers who died in Niger – he golfed when their bodies arrived, when questioned, ๐ŸŠ

deflected by trying to smear Obama in this word salad

and translated in high school lingo

when laughter ensued, he came with an uglier more pointed lie that Fox, NBC trumpeted

and ๐ŸŠ0 himself ย repeated in an interview

except that the calls are made to the spouse for married soldiers

And just as it seemed he reached bottom, he eventually met one of the widows (not father) and had this to say

and after people reacted in horror

he accused people reacting of lying

full package of rage today

the accusation of lying is against yet another black woman

and now it’s ๐ŸŠย  vs the Gold Star ย wife

who also confirmed the congresswoman account

which makes this earlier tweet prophetic

but so far, he sounds threatening – to the Congresswoman

*the woman*

and the war on the congresswoman continues despite confirmation from the widow



Predictable, the Congresswoman is getting threats from ๐ŸŠย ‘s Nazis

This captures it

and more on that press conference

and a thread from a veteran

But wait, there’s more

and we still don’t know why they died


other despicable news

and no call whatsoever for her

even worse

Let’s also remember

and more reviews are in

even from Fox

and from Khizr Khan

and in Boston Globe

and a very poignant commentary

Thatโ€™s how he gets absolved. Thatโ€™s how he always gets absolved. Thereโ€™s always somebody willing to step up and push their soul to the middle of the table for him to gamble with and, when he loses, because he always loses at the game of being human, he reneges on the bet because thatโ€™s what he always does.


And now, by deploying the memory of his son, heโ€™s given his inexcusable boss that bossโ€™s most recent alibi for that bossโ€™s most recent offense against human decency and the dignity of his office. Thereโ€™s a great sadness in that.

and this was more slandering

and debunking



Now we’re told we’re not allowed to argue with generals


and now, time for the behind the scene leaks



the desperation and frustration are getting to me and I have water and electricity

they are asking us

but ๐ŸŠย  is busy playing golf and congratulating himself


even as

but FEMA is following ๐ŸŠย ‘s orders

Depraved indifference to human lives

meanwhile the imperial family


Update from ย PR PoV

๐ŸŠย waxes nostalgically about how the scene played in his mind


as opposed to what WAPo journalist saw

and how good hurricanes make him feel

out in the extremes

and inventing words

(does he remember “fake news was the name of Russian deza during the elections and he just did a “you’re the puppet” to our media?


Did he ask them to pay for the wall?

and the ๐Ÿ”ฉย ing truth


Newsweek makes a disturbing trip in the ๐ŸŠย mind and brings us this cover

Fortunately, this world still has dogs

and good Mayors too

but if you’re ๐ŸŠย you don’t even need to faithfully execute the laws of the US

and FEMA is the Ministry of Truth now

fortunately the world can still see this infoย on PR’s site

this seems on the subject

and so does this

which is part of this


It is so hard to hate a white 2A guy no matter how many he murders! We need to know his hobbies and favorite color to decide!

Even hating mental illness is tricky

and loving kids is also creepy in this context

also, good guys have “not fine people” names

and more confusion

but as long as NRA is safe


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