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before this strange letter come

let’s remember how Flynn said that if he had done 1/10 what Hillary did he’d be in jail

this pretty much captures the crazy of yesterday

because truly,

not like Flynn’s resume wasn’t giving anyone a clue

while the PR artists were trying to reduce it to

and while all Ds were clamoring to #FireFlynn,

Russia was denying

as in

the others were putting out news like these

after Kellyanne assured us ๐ŸŠโค๏ธ Flynn, later on

and these guys were confident

this is what did it (same warning was made re: ๐ŸŠ BTW)

and for those of you still thinking it’s just about Flynn,


Recently some resistance advice went viral and it took me a few minutes to feel it was all wrong ย (don’t mention his name, only policies). That was maybe good psychiatric advice to deal with malignant narcissists, but when one has all levers of power in a society, support needs to be fully eroded. So, I am going with

Gary Kasparov who ย said it in his interview

things wonโ€™t really change unless enough Republicans start to see Trump as a liability to their fundraising and reelection chances. That could be quite soon if he canโ€™t fulfill his many campaign promises. Making him look like a loser is crucial. Either the GOP will turn on him or he will be chastened and more likely to compromise. If a demagogue succeeds in claiming credit for wins and scapegoating his enemies for losses, heโ€™s very hard to stop.

and I saw it before in an awesome tweet storm

and my favorite

and let’s have a visual aid of Leslie Jones playing him as he hates being played by a woman so much, and let’s face it – a black one should add to his rageleslie-jones

On edit, Donald the Weak

Like the bellowing Wizard of Oz, however, those boisterous attacks merely hide the weakness of the man behind the curtain, weakness that has already been exploited by both his staff and outside interests.

and since he craves approval so much, some numbers

or, as Josh Marshall puts it, So Much Winning

-15 net job approval

and here’s Emo ๐ŸŠ whining on Twitter

and his team of weaklings

This weakness contributes to a climate of rudderlessness and depression in the White House, with multiple factions anonymously backbiting each other and angling for clout by leaking juicy details of administrative incompetence to the press. The fact that Spicer wasnโ€™t Trumpโ€™s ideal press secretary keeps finding its way into palace intrigue stories. โ€œA little bit of under-competence and a slight amount of insecurity can breed some paranoia and backstabbing,โ€ a White House official complained to The Washington Post about chief of staff Reince Priebus. โ€œWe have to get Reince to relax into the job and become more competent, because heโ€™s seeing shadows where there are no shadows.โ€

confirmation from FB:

Former Trump supporter ๐Ÿ”ซhere. I’ve finally had enough. Trump spent his first week as president whining like a little bitch about his inauguration attendance. He spent his second week lying his ass off about voter fraud. Then he spent his third week getting reamed until he was butthurt by federal judges. On top of that, instead of draining the swamp, he’s filled his cabinet with the worst of the swamp asses and cuckoo bird generals. And one of those cuckoo bird generals just got fired, after only three weeks! Donald Trump is a no good, lying, sumbitch con man! ….”

the internet started to put this ย in visuals

little-%f0%9f%8d%8a-bathrobeand Twitter has a hashtag #Trimpsoweak

and now Russians call him faggot

In fact, one popular picture thatโ€™s making rounds on Russian social media this week is a photograph of graffiti sprayed on the side of a garbage depot that reads, โ€œTrump is a f*ggot.โ€

shows everywhere

and look at Sputnick now

and all papers after Putin told them to cool it


So tweeted a Russian politician as their TV showed the swearing in of their puppet

and SNL copied to a T

as the puppet was speechifying about patriotism and loyalty. A few hours later though, confession came

I guess he meant without the puppet masters

and speaking of puppets, Wikipeepee today, panned the Women’s march with familiar talking points


Still trying to figure out the Putin talking point about Korea – I doubt they have protests there. They must compare them with government sponsored parades. You know, like the ones in Russia.

In the US, after Sean Spicer’s agitated war on reality

asserting ย our eyes lied to us about the poorly attended inauguration

depicted thusly

a Jumbotron in a Texas hockey game (Stars) mocked him

but Kasparov warns us of another reason

Comey love fits in here nicely


here’s the actual interviewย where she asks us not to believe what ๐ŸŠ says

Apparently, ๐ŸŠ is miffed

After the war with Meryl Streep and lying again about the reporter with disabilities

Kellyanne is doing damage control

Before extolling the virtues of ๐ŸŠ’s hear she also called Streep’s appeal to empathy “worst instincts”

and this is just too good not to be here

and I share the surprise at these reactions




I will not post photos/gifs of ๐ŸŠ pawing his daughter or saying sex is what they have in common.

This is about normalizing incest

lots of ‘historical precedents”

โ€œMargaret Truman sometimes took her motherโ€™s place at ceremonial events,โ€ said Jellison. โ€œPat Nixonโ€™s younger daughter, Julie, would fill in for her sometimes. But here in the last century, we havenโ€™t seen something like this where the first lady wants to live in an entirely different city and let the first daughter take that larger role.โ€

so, see, it’s only a century thing. As for the conflicts of interest with her business, they’ve already been normalized. As the piece says – liberals will love incest barbie! She is for climate thingamajinghy!

and it seems, not just climate, but wiminz stuff too – cuz – anatomical qualifications and ๐Ÿ’ฉ

also, in imperial family news, a great quote from Laurence Tribe

and this is done with a picture


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