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oron met himself

Mand he’s still raging – more good comments

latest update: we have an arena

and a funny thought

and more ย importantly, a reason for the name calling


update: ๐ŸŠ

still fighting this

and the story keeps on giving


I shall skip over the part where the Secretary of state called ๐ŸŠย a moron, ๐ŸŠย tweeted it’s not true and NBC needs to apologize,

Tillerson called a press conference and didn’t deny. OK, maybe just a bit

and this breaking news

Let’s go straight to the fun part

Bill Kristol treats us to this quote from Catcher in the Rye

cartoonists in Europe catch on

Preet Bharara is wondering

and Twitter philosophers notice

and since this celebrates a moronic act, I’ll add it

this one is specifically linked

while this offers us choices


and this too

and a nice addition from John Dean

and this is for his supporters




now with an earthquake and tsunamis, think Earth is pissed? Mayan calendar musings

ya think?

are we getting the message or stick to mythology

but wait, not just Earth

and we’ll pay ๐ŸŠย  some more

for the 5 properties

so, who’s “the message” for?

Exodus from Florida



and after all former presidents launched an appeal

someone wants attention.

and more

The war on women only starts with Hillary

spills to ย women in colleges

and to LGBTQ as well (remember, Bernie borrowed the RW slur of civil rights as “identity politics)

from a thread responding to the ๐Ÿ†.๐Ÿ†


Trussia department


here’s a compilation

and consequences

and as for the FB scheme

and now

meanwhile we have to find out ๐ŸŠย met Russian ambassador from…Russian media

Good guys department

good news department

and also

and new Mueller interviews



what’s left of Barbuda

What will be left of us all with mad men in charge

response to yet another sadistic sheriff, in Florida this time

and, like in Texas, this needed to be said

some good guys too

and more hurricane politics

and now

no! Not the poor guns!

and hurricane religion – maybe you guys need an electoral map to find a pattern

but if you’re looking for meaningful metaphors, this qualifies

while some of us appreciate science

and ๐ŸŠย has the best words

In the ๐ŸŠย lunatic asylum, the brawl goes on

Wolfgard the Bard weighs in on DACA

and after siding with Ds

but because Pelosi made him to

also, Nazis

and those who are not

and a very good question

and in the same spirit, another kind of horrible

any more civil rights we can take away?

Trussia news

and also


Seth Rogen fesses up

and another laugh from Vincente Fox



In impeachment department, a primer on how to read upcoming news

In ๐ŸŠย news – graphing his policies

and in the “makes liberals sad” circle – Tax cuts – I agree with him

In other Nazi news – literally this time:

Homeland security gets their antifa info from…White supremacists

What is DACA? A primer

and the great negotiator:

and Sessions jumped as high as he could

On DACA dealing and wheeling, one of our Reps

and NYDN cover

and Johnny come lately

here he is with Lou Dobbs

Also, Bernie Bots gotta Berniebot

and Breitbart got to lie

in other hurricane news

an inspiring thread about Houston

and some sobering ones from Irma – Florida declared State of Emergency yesterday


no longer shy

Mar-A-lago hit with > than a hurricane

but before

besides the actual this

From Russia without love: ๐ŸŠ

will be sad

and threatens to sue

and a whole collection of insults

also, pee pee tape all over UK

Meanwhile, across the pond, Monty Python RT-ed this

and the race to the bottom for the most disgusting evil creature is on



Joss sums it up

to celebrate Labor Day, hiking taxes on workers

on Hurricane front, EPA still battles…AP:

and AP statement

while Bill Clinton has a list of hurricane charities

and tragedy + racism




Kasparov on DACA

some pushback

on Russia front, ๐ŸŠ

is toast

bot news

and collusion

On Russia stealing future election front – bad news

Nazi department ย – the C-ville murder was not exactly spontaneous

on the nuclear destruction front

same from NY POst

and from South Korea

and from us



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