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It is so hard to hate a white 2A guy no matter how many he murders! We need to know his hobbies and favorite color to decide!

Even hating mental illness is tricky

and loving kids is also creepy in this context

also, good guys have “not fine people” names

and more confusion

but as long as NRA is safe


These being 🍊 and GOP reactions to deadly hurricanes/mass shooters

for PR a montage of insults from NBC

and this comment for the paper throwing in church

the scene

and after leaving early he was very pleased with himself

but for all the pats of the back, Oxfam has slapped him

death toll in PR has risen to 34 – which is still nothing to 🍊

and it took a lot of pressure to revert this treatment allowing use of food stamps for prepared meals Β – unlike the other hurricane hit states

the difference is being noted

and Wall Street needs a new pair of shoes

on the mass shooting front we have the interesting “Are you smaller than a Sandy Hook first grader” question from John Tune-R-NRA

while Dems are trying

and John Lewis

On the stolen election front

From Russia – dictators understand each other

for a laugh


The guy who signed away background checks for mental illnessΒ now tells us

what can you do, amirite? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

when we weren’t looking (because we weren’t supposed to talk gun control right after we weren’t supposed to talk climate change) 🍊 sprung this on us (well he did say during the campaign women should go to jail)

and with Joss Whedon’s reaction

and also quietly and anti-net neutrality FCC chair has been confirmed by Senate

but right now, we’re mostly supposed to STFU about gun control

but I’ll guess we’ll sneak in a word

or 2

or 3

and satire always helps

and another good one

Except for the Lone wolf part (i.e : white man, not terrorist) , good NYDN cover

and from Las Vegas

and from NYT

but for  🍊 this was another great news opportunity

Pat Robertson thinks 2A people don’t respect 🍊

Puerto Rico still getting screwed – part of a long list

while Β is still patronizing the Mayor

in spite of

referring again to the status site

on the impeachment front


The Daily News is not very shy about its reaction to the failure of Congress to pass the assault gun ban (which is truly dismal). In fact, they are so proud of yesterday’s cover, they feature it on today’s

The NY Post is equally opinionated on City politics. Just as I thought Christine Quinn was the media darling for this mayoral race, NY Post makes it more interesting

And on a less hysterical note, another change in NYC neighborhoods


Cuomo did something good for once (or at least he said he would).

Then why did the Daily News make him look batshit crazy?

And with 59 injured, 2 critical,

what’s so funny to NY Post about the ferry crash? *besides jacking up the numbers)

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