I know the insurance and Wall Street overlords are going to prop him up, but the peasants have lost their awe.

According to a CNN poll

The public is split right down the middle on whether President Barack Obama should be re-elected and a majority of Americans predict he will be a one-term president, according to a new national poll.

In other words: asked if they wanted Obama or a republican, the electorate as a whole said: “same shit”

And for all the “he’s better off than Clinton at this stage” peppered at every turn, this is the number I would worry about (if I cared)

“Independents currently favor the Republican by 11 points.”

Because, what this poll may not be saying, but others do, Independents are the fastest growing party (or lack of it) that dirty politics created as of late.

At Top of the Ticket, Andrew Malcolm illustrates this with a big white space

Here’s a closeup photo above of the Republican candidate for president who’s currently tied with President Obama for the 2012 White House race.

No one.

Or anyone.

Meanwhile, Obama, who slighted his base on everything, is offering them cheap red meat with in your face photo ops like the one sported by Obama Times today

Some of the weaker minded B0bots will go for it, I’m sure, but many more are off that treadmill.

And I found it! Thread cheering a whole series of these pics

and another one with a more B0bot-like headline

Obama: “Who the f*** reads this sh*t?” (Pic)