It was only a few days ago that I caught that skewed interpretation of a poll into a new meme which I recognized as an upcoming trend.

Sure enough, there is a 3 page feature in Politico under the heading

Face of the tea party is female

It uses the same Quinnipiac poll as TPM did – the same dishonest interpretation of “55% women”

Just to remind the overlooked numbers in that poll

As for the gender breakdown, the 55% female majority puts the tea party movement in line with other political parties, with the exception of independents.

To be sure, unlike the TPM manifesto, the sell here is softer. No longer is the racial aspect in mentioned and while healthcare comes in a lot, not a peep is made about choice rights/pro-life

Of course the reason for this new meme is clear:

“For years, it has been the liberal women who have organized and been staunch grass-roots and policy advocates,” Rebecca Wales, a spokeswoman for Smart Girl Politics, a new group formed to train and mobilize women in the tea party movement. “No longer is it only the liberals. Conservative women have found their voices and are using them, actively and loudly.”

It’s what I thought. By giving women on the other side prominence, one indirectly silences the women on the other side, the Jane Crows.

The ones who have been told: attack Palin! She is anti-choice! The one briefly remembered in this paragraph

The women became furious. Voices were raised. Rep. Louise M. Slaughter (D-N.Y.), a close friend of Pelosi’s, lamented about “all the women we were just throwing under the bus” and called it “a betrayal of all the women that had fought for this for so long.” Pelosi, according to two participants, had tears in her eyes. But she got the votes — that time.

and then thoroughly forgotten in the celebration.

This way you have a win win: you put Jane Crow in her place and you give gas to the anti-choice movement. make that a win-win-win: misogyny was the ugly engine that drove Obama’s run. It needs to be revved up again

And we should be quiet because “This President supports abortion rights’ (yeah, the RW coined phrase that means nothing to us, but he said he supports them, OK?) In fact, he even said once

“The first thing I’d do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice
Act. On this fundamental issue, I will not yield. And Planned
Parenthood will not yield.”

And thank the Gods, Planned Parenthood didn not yield!

Going in B0botland to find  torches and pitchforks on this meme (and there are – mostly on Palin), I had a pleasant surprise

No thank you to DU men and women who sat back and watched a….

Dem president sign off on an anti-choice statement.

It is one more nail in the coffin.

Of course the few rational statements were clobbered with chants of “STA_TUS_QUO!” from the mob formerly known as “Hope and change” but I was glad to read posts such as

9. hip hip hooray for the status quo!

The status quo in the country is that it is more difficult for women to make a choice.

Sorry, but when a Democatic President is willing to make this kind of concession it doesn’t bode well for the Party continuing to be a protector and defender of choice.

I guess change and bold new initiatives are inoperable when it comes to choice.


8. so how does this work if your husband is pro-life and wont

pay for the separate insurance rider and you want an abortion anyhow. If your a Stay at home Mom with no income, how are you going to get the coverage?