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Update: the defense “I met them in my Senatorial capacity” just blown out of the water

Less than 24h after media fawning over 🍊 for reading a nationalist speech with an indoor voice (his people) NYT, WaPo broke the story about Sessions meeting with the Russian Ambassador in spite of swearing this

even Daily news who had on yesterday’s cover 🍊 hitting Reset, today

and March 3

here’s Sessions explaining how grave perjury is (in 1999)

Thanks Al Franken for actually asking pointed questions

that would be his longer version

and while they are trying to weasel out of it, WH already pretty much confirmed *superficial*



and it now goes like this

Democrats ask for resignation and because she persisted

and goes without saying that

Sessions statement about something totally β‰  (he said he didn’t have communications with Russians)

because his people are starting to push now (Issa must be kicking himself for recanting this yesterday)

even Ari Fleischer sees it as unspinable

and even Chaffetz thought it was safe

this was posted 2 weeks ago

a review of the map of the Russia links is in order

NYT has a timeline on the Sessions meetings

and remember when Hillary told us?

Breitbart has the sads

and this is heading in the right direction

but 🍊 had no idea about Sessions’

Damn, you harshed our mellow! Send from my I Phone

better times

oh, the humanity!

and best character witness

but is it like last time?

or how the internet put it

and now Carter Page is amending his denials of meeting with Russians

and just so we don’t forget where this leads

by Saturday, he Gumped his way into the SNL opening


After sending a stupid letter to congress, Franken responds


Maybe now?

when do legal consequences kick it?


before that we were told

and this is 🍊’s response – after deleting and editing the original one with typo

this was the original (Quayle – same problem!)


Assange, now revealed as Putin’s xerox boy is protesting by Greenwalding the reporter

they seem to have a camera trained on that floor, like the Intercept when defending Putin/Trump


Trumpies and Bernie bots are advancing this narrative the way Gore was mocked for losing Tennessee (also stolen) in 2000.

So, I’ll start collecting proof that it wasn’t chess they disqualify cheaters in chess)

So, here’s one on MI chess

this is on preemptive disenfranchisement


I noted at the time he opened the door for a recount/redo

His lawyers did to:

but that of course didn’t stop the accusations – having it both way


by contesting his own “win, 🍊 becomes the third candidate to contest this election,


perfect headline

and new tweets open it wider still

Tony Scwartz disabuses the notions of planned Β “distraction”

from Carl Bernstein

Snopes tracked down the fake news source for the latest mishugas

and Taibbi concludes

now did we misunderstand?

oh, and here’s 🍊 making our argument for us, back in 2012. Talking about Electoral College (thought Obama lost popular vote)

and PR news sums up


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