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Counting on American’s mistrust of the rest of the world, the media is fueling hysteria against Snowden to distract from his revelations.

The funniest thing about this headline is the fact that doubts are raised today if snowden was ever in Moscow. 

The karmic line from that article is

Many journalists did board the flight which is alcohol free and will last 12 hours. They will have to stay in Cuba for three days.

Please tell me that Dances-with Rove Gregory is there too!

I saved this leaftlet the Obama campaign was handing in 2008  because I knew it will come in handy

2008-02-06_obama_mailer_clintons_4.jpg picture by Robbedvoter

That leaflet that was the net change after 2 elections (1994 and 200) was circulated by the Obama campaign.

After telling Marion Berry in 2009 that this will be different than 1994 because “This time you got ME”

Well, this is what “ME” got in just one election



Senate – add one seat from last December special election – 6+1


and 13 state legislatures.

8  years of the Clintons vs 2 years of Obama! With the media investigating Clinton non-stop and making Obama the Messiah little difference.

Of course, Obama doesn’t think this is his fault and is ready to compromise some moore

But the president is said to not view the Republican wave as a personal rebuke. Rather, he sees it as an indication of continued economic anxiety and an admonition for both parties to work together. Some of the “no compromise” rhetoric Republicans are using is a misreading of the public mood, a senior White House official said.

It was only Clinton’s fault back them as IACF.

And about that economic anxiety – whose job was to fix that? Clinton’s?


Remember Howard Dean? The guy who said he didn’t notice the sexism during the 2008 campaign because he didn’t have cable? But now that he found out about it, he was so incensed?

He always had the gift to say either the right thing at the wrong time or the other way around.

In this case, the timing is out of Dean’s control. Someone included his quote in a book and Huffpo chose to write about it

Dean Called Rahm’s ‘Contempt’ For Base ‘Devastating And Incredibly Demoralizing’: Book Excerpt

Of course, like in the case of the sexism remarks, Dean’s good words come out a bit late.

Little did he know when he was settling accounts with his political arch-rival that Obama will run around with the same sharp scissors by the time his comment got out. But the words are pretty good:

“I’m not looking to pick another fight with Rahm Emanuel, but the contempt with which he held the progressive wing of the party was devastating and incredibly demoralizing,” Dean said. “That’s basically saying to your own people — you got us here, now FU.”

and this is right on too

Dean is quoted as saying. “The principal problem with OFA is the same one the president’s having. You can’t dictate to your base what’s going to happen. It’s got to be a two-way deal, and it hasn’t been.”

Of course, now that this became the official 2 step strategy to move the country to the right (lose election, blame the left), Dean’s words are twisting in the air…

Asked to comment on this article, he predictably refused.

On DU, a loving tribute to Dean was posted, with some engaging in happy, safe Rahm kicking.

One of Obama’s apologists though noticed the flaw

2. Hmmm?

“Dean did not immediately return a request for comment about the most recent round of Obama-Biden statements.”Yeah, let’s pull out old statement by Dean to give the impression that he disagrees with the President.

Howard Dean said recently that health care was real reform. Want to pull out his old statements about the bill? Permalink

and even finds a recent dean appearance where he predicts victory in Novemver and praises Obama


That was a very short lived rebellion – even shorter than “kill the bill” and “I Support Obama, but not vigurously”

The vigor days are gone…

Ad yea, I am petty enough to chalk one more mark for Dean in my Schadenfreude list

A few weeks ago, nobody heard of Carl Paladino, a rich realtor from Buffalo who beat silly Lazio in the Republican primaries for Governor. Lazio – if you remember, ran against Hillary for senate in 2000 and made a laughing stock of himself by trying to bully her in a debate. So, beating Lazio, by outspending him – not a big a deal. The story would have ended here.

Enter the media.

Day after day,

Paladino has been

on covers of newspapers

And who can forget the “Governor in waiting”? And the hoax scandals the press cooked for him to make it easy for Cuomo – who was investigating Paterson?

stuff like this

and this

and since he didn’t resign, this

All this to get Cuomo to run un-opposed.

Fast forward to today

Cuomo 49, Paladino 43: Now Here’s a Shocking Poll

And to make it funnier, Bloomberg’s endorsement, not so useful either.

Karma is a bitch.

Because I remember it all, I predicted the polls getting closer the moment I saw Paladino getting covers.

Not a lot of reasons to vote Cuomo, are they?

In short: I told you so.

I’ll open with this lucid comment to Tomorrow’s sensible liberal cartoon

28. ChucklesUnderground

LOL! :rofl:
Rendition, Troop Escalation, Predator Drone Strikes, Wiretapping

I am considering re-naming B0botland Chucles Underground, but I fear it’s a tad obscure.

Still, I may use Chuckles as DUdie statuette.

In a thread celebrating Oprecious’s victories as propagandized by Bob Shrum, one injects some reality

66. Just look at the front page of DU, or are you camped out in the Skittles and Rainbows forum.

If you are unable to at least remember the headlines from the last two weeks, than I am afraid that it’s your problem, not mine.

Oh wait, the two wars in Iraq and Afganistan, you want me to link to them? With the Mainstream media barely able to squeeze in the weekly body count these days, I may have a hard time..

It’s funny how I was able to see what a tool this Bob Shrum was simply by typing his name into a Google search box, and you can’t be bothered to do your own research, on topics posted on the front page of DU in the last three days…

It’s out there if you bother to open your eyes, because it’s apparent that you’d rather not go looking for troubling data that might alter your reality..

However, you did make a request for linkage, so I won’t disappoint, or disappear…………… /………………………

If the collection of links above doesn’t satisfy your request, you can always take a few seconds to scan this page:

Democratic Underground – Latest Breaking News

:shrug: Back at you


The sound of koolaid wearing off

6. I feel totally USED.
I worked over a year to get Obama elected. I gave so much time and even money I did not have. But he’s not listening to the people. He’s listening to his advisors who seem to be corporate sell outs. I don’t get it. What happened to candidate-Obama? What we’re asking him to do isn’t hard. He could have ended the Afghanistan war by now. He could have had real health care reform passed. He could have repealed DADT in the time it takes to write his signature. And he could have closed Gitmo. But he keeps caving in to the right wing without getting even one of their votes. Obama is not representing the people who got him into office. He has turned his back on us. And for what? Why is he so silent? He should have used the BP disaster to enact a comprehensive energy policy that would be like the Manhatten Project or the Moon Project. But nothing. While Rome burns we the people are getting burned and no one cares.

I’m beginning to wonder if there is even one person with guts in government, just one? It’s sad, it’s sick and it’s destroying our country. Ineptness seems to be their only goal.


and another one

After much soul searching I have decided I have to change my Avatar back…

I wanted to believe we had started down a new path, one that would take us into a better future for humanity and the earth.
Perhaps that much change is just not possible… at least not in the limited time we have left before we completely destroy our planet.

I will continue to push with all my might for that change we need to survive, but I just can’t put a happy face on it…


Net recommendation: +38 votes (Your vote: +1)  | Permalink

On a discussion of an article on the ineffectiveness of the Financial regulation

2. “Bankers crucified at dawn, pundits complain that they weren’t burnt alive.”


The sound of koolaid still strong

Too bad for all of you who are against President Obama, best thing

to ever happen to America. He inherited 8 years of thrash and you come on here and blame him for not doing enough in two years. Best fucking President in 16 years. And if you are progressive or independent, be honest, support him if you want your America back. The teabaggers do not count!

and an answer to go with that from someone who thinks they are The Dog Whisperer

26. No they don’t. Why do they need their feet held to the fire?

Obama’s doing what he said he would do.

This constant assertion they need their feet held to the fire assumes an underlying premise: that others will do nothing without negative reinforcement.

From the Queen, a loweed expectations call to arms

Sounds Corny? So F*#*^g What? Hope is still better than None!
This Op is addressed to those of us who will vote Democratic this upcoming election,
and still see real hope for a better country, and a brighter future for our children.

It actually keeps going and going, but I have limited bandwidth….

On the thread where Obama calls the “obsession with the end of the war”, a bit of snark which should get this deleted (as it compares Jr.jr to jr)
14. I can’t believe Bush thinks he can get away with this. We’re stuck

here in a depression and he thinks he can waste what resources we do have on some criminal war? I don’t think so. We’ll take to the streets. RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, man!!! You’ll see me and millions of others!!!! We’ll shut DC down until we get–what? He didn’t? He didn’t say it? You’re sure? It sounds kind of like him. Bush. War. Waste. Hunt ’em down. Smoke ’em out. It wasn’t him? You’re positive? Well, who was it then? Obama? No! Obama??? You’re kidding me. Really? Obama?
The more I think about it, the more I see Obama knows what he’s doing. We NEED to win this war. Our nation’s role in the world is at stake. We can fight the terrorists there or we can fight them here! Go Team! Go USA! Gobama!
Experts on racism (because they voted for Obama) Bobots weigh in the latest Mel Gibson revelation
Yeah, makes you wonder about the “Lethal Weapon” movies

Did he just compartmentalize his attitude while he worked with Danny Glover? Disappointing.
Of course, anyone who is “disappointed” by Gibson at this juncture, was perfectly comfortable with his antisemitism before. What a perfect Rorshach test Mel proves to be!

thread – mostly as debunked in one of the responses.

And the DUdie
goes to ProSense for her opportunistic “if you praise Obama, you’re good”

Bill Clinton: Obama is brilliant, exceedingly empathetic and not getting his due

In the twisted a a pretzel category, B0bot brings up Blill Clinton’s praise of Obama. Further attacks on Clinton follow, but the best is this reply to the OP
25. I remember posts from you about Bill Clinton

He’s a panderer to racists, he’s a huge homophobe, you have said so many negative things about him that it is simply brethtaking to see you tout his words today. A search your name and his provides many, many very harsh words about the man you present today as a font of golden wisdom.
It is really hypocritical sort of co-opting of anything and everything.
Here is my favorite title to one of your Bill posts:
“After both Hillary, Bill pandered to the black community, Bill goes back to race-baiting.”

I remember worse.

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