Last week she was ahead 12 points. As Comey spewed his πŸ‚πŸ’©, the next day it turned into a Trump +1 with no cross tabs or explanation. And now NYT gives us a glimpse into what happened

On Oct. 23, he learned that an ABC News poll showed him trailing Mrs. Clinton by 12 points. He lashed out, becoming so agitated that his aides planned to confront the network about its calculations and accuse ABC of bias, according to internal emails.

β€œDo they think Republicans and Trump supporters are not going to vote?” one of Mr. Trump’s pollsters, John McLaughlin, wrote to the group. β€œOr is this an intentional effort to suppress Trump turnout?”

They pressed the network on its methods,

So, before the Comey wall to wall coverage good have a measured effect, polsters/their bosses complied. ..