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and the editorial that goes with it.

With the rash of whacky medical wisdom coming from Hollywood, someone, at least NY POst needs to say STFU! Movies should NOT talk back!

When Fleet Street talks, Wall Street listens!

For some days now, a meme flies over the pond about poor BP getting a raw deal from “bitter Americans”. Not surprisingly Mayor Moneybags sees his BP stock go down and tells us

“The guy who runs BP didn’t exactly go down there and blow up the well,” the

Oh, well! Could the zero people who are out there, promoting the idea that BP CEO Tony Hayward went down to the Deepwater Horizon oil rig to personally blow it up kindly shut up?
Hey, that’s a good one, Huffpo! Maybe I can use it for the Obama Strawman  (is he supposed to personally dive and plug the hole?)
More for Mayor Charming

“And what’s more if you want them to fix it and they’re the only ones with expertise, I think I might wait to assign blame until we get it fixed,” Bloomberg said.

He concluded sarcastically:

“There’s got to be someone who’s culpable in everything. C’mon.”

That’s the guy Obama supported over the Dem candidate, btw.

Because before defending BP, he defended Obama too

Bloomberg: Obama’s Basically On a Fixed Income

.In Bloomberg’s vocabulary, fixed income is when an oil spill doesn’t affect your portfolio.


Since the UK meme started with the Mayor of London, and was supported by the Mayor of NYC, here’s the response of the Mayor of NOLA

“Quite frankly, I would suggest that London Mayor Boris Johnson park his anger at the waters’ edge and redirect it towards BP,” Landrieu said. “This is not America vs. Great Britain. It’s people, families and their livelihoods versus a negligent corporation that is responsible for the loss of 11 lives and an oil spill that threatens our coast, our environment, and our economy.

“In fact, our entire way of life is at risk. So we are going to hold BP accountable for the damage done,” he said. “While Mayor Johnson is concerned about their pension funds, we’re concerned about the lives and livelihoods of our people.”

mentioning the ocean and birds and fishes would have been nice too.

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After Rahm couldn’t live well enough alone and had to gloat anonymously about their candidate squeaking through a run-off in Arkansas, the unions answered

“Driving home the point that the White House was cravenly hiding behind the cloak of anonymity in their attacks, the AFL-CIO spokesman signed off the conversation with the following: “My name is Eddie Vale of the AFL-CIO and I’m proud to fight for working families and I don’t hide behind anonymous quotes.””

Does Obama Think Labor Wasted Money on Lincoln?

The White House didn’t tone down the rhetoric in the press briefing. Gibbs is asked about the WH remark and answers

And while the President might not have agreed with the exact characterization, I think that whether or not that money might have been better spent in the fall on closer elections between somebody — between people who cared about an agenda that benefited working families and those that didn’t, that money might come in more handy then.

Q I assume the President now would want to reach out to those who were supporting Bill Halter and say, please get behind Blanche Lincoln, she’s going to be our nominee.  Is that the way to reach out to Halter’s supporters, by accusing them of flushing money down the toilet?

MR. GIBBS:  Well, I think that everybody that supported one of the Democrats will have an obligation to now, as the President would, and has, in races that the nominee he has supported hasn’t won, now support the Democratic nominee.

Indeed! I can hear the hoofs of the unity pony now!

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And here comes PUMA (it’s unions, not women now)

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Union-led group turns in NC candidate signatures

A union-backed movement said Thursday it turned in more than double the number of signatures required to get an independent candidate on the ballot to challenge Democratic Rep. Larry Kissell in November.

Wow! Not just refusing to endorse, but fronting their own candidate!

And this is a blog from Arkansas

We at Blue Arkansas decided as a team after the initial primary that if Blanche was the party’s nominee we would not be endorsing her.  That’s the beauty of being a blog for progressive Democrats working to elect better Democrats-you don’t have to endorse all the bad Dems that come along.

Heck of a job, Rahmy-Baraky

I think I’ll call them PUMA 2.0

.I missed using those graphics, you can tell!
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Screencap from yesterday interview demonstrating how hard presidentin’ really is.

This interview was given yesterday, oil-kill day 36

yeah, we know about fundraisers and trips to Chicago and skipping Memorial Day

but this is a new level of entitlement. Notice in the caption text – he doesn’t say “I don’t get to play lately” – just not quite that often.

You dirty, dirty spill! messing with Oprecious’s game!

The video is here

You will enjoy the opening sequence with the ball with the presidential seal on it and Oprecious name on it.

But it was that particular line

these days I play once about two or three weeks

that made an impression on me – why with the 38 days since an ecological disaster is unfolding.

Reminds me of W cutting on sweets as his war effort. But in light of his renewed – today – pledge of not resting till the oil-kill is stopped, this interview taken yesterday a way even more arrogant and clueless.

I was considering buying an IPad – to read books, mostly. I was waiting to get the money together. Now, after the NY Post headline, I’ll rush and buy the damn thing

.It seems that the candidate that was so cool, he was texting his VP to his adoring fans is not turning against technology which he doesn’t even know how to use

iPad is iBad for democracy, Obama tells graduates

.That was the NY Post headline. Two things did strike me from that commencement address Obama gave. First that he told students

“With iPods and iPads and Xboxes and PlayStations — none of which I know how to work — information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment, rather than a tool of empowerment, rather than the means of emancipation,”

NY Post notices the contradiction too

Obama — whose election was credited, in part, to his skillful use of modern media, from smart phones to Twitter to Flickr — yesterday told college graduates that high-tech gizmos and apps are straining American democracy.

“With so many voices clamoring for attention on blogs, on cable, on talk radio, it can be difficult, at times, to sift through it all; to know what to believe; to figure out who’s telling the truth and who’s not,” Obama said.

“Let’s face it — even some of the craziest claims can quickly gain traction. I’ve had some experience with that myself. Fortunately, you’ll be well positioned to navigate this terrain.”

Translation: information is only good when I control it. Every other source is bad for you. Too many voices – bad for democracy. There should be only one – mine!

And while NY Post for some reason zooms on IPad in its headline – I wonder – what will those words to young people do for the sales of I-Pad and all the other new fangled gizmos Obama can’t even use?

Here’s a hint:

A South Park episode had a Japanese animation craze mesmerize the children

All methods to snap them out of it were tried, but finally it was the parents joining in and saying they were cool that turned the kids off instantly.

In aspiring to become Big Brother, Obama just made himself into a fuddy duddy, and this kid is heading to the Mac store today!


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