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OK, in all fairness, it wasn’t the print tabloids but the predictable MSNBC pulling the God card. But for the most part, the tone is thusly set.

We have the always reserved Newsday, which achieves hyperbole by photo juxtaposition

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and the Daily News cheerleader tourist trap montage complete with the camel

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Which send me to the read I had earlier from a BBC consultant with an interesting title

View From Cairo: What About the People, Obama?

The passage further belying The Daily News title:

Even when he touched on women’s rights, Obama framed it in a Western perspective: he disagrees with Western nations – perhaps an allusion to Germany and France’s recent problems – who struggle with Muslim women wearing hejab.

But he didn’t come at the issue from the perspective that was promised — by addressing Muslims in Muslim countries. If that were indeed the case, we should have heard his analysis of women who are compelled or forced to wear hejab in these countries and women whose lives and livelihoods are severely impaired by the segregation of sexes that pervades much of the Muslim world.

I guess he was walking like a Michael Jackson Egyptian…

Anyway, the free daily AM NY managed to outdo the Daily News in their heroic photoshop where Obama dwarfs a pyramid

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while the NY Post is the only one addressing an aspect that the God-Obama euphoria has suddenly forgotten

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which sent me to a mind blowing read yesterday from AP out of which I saved this snippet:

When Obama opened with his Arabic greeting, Mahmoud Ramahi smiled.

“This is good,” said Ramahi, a lawmaker with the anti-Israel militant group Hamas in the West Bank. “This is the first good signal. We’ll start counting.”

I’ll assume he didn’t wear the mask of the ones in the picture, or the smile would have been lost to the sympathetic AP writers.

The NY Post article is not without merit

Let’s start with a sentence buried within his text — possibly in hopes that few might notice. With it, Obama effectively accepts Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

“No single nation should pick and choose which nations should hold nuclear weapons,” he said.

But, hey, he’s “sort of God” – teevee said it – so it must be right.

Here’s one for New Yorkers to remember this fall when the mayoral elections come:

Bloomberg: Obama’s Basically On a Fixed Income

The Mayor who bought his job, twice – spending $100 per voter the second tie around, is defending the one billion dollars candidate’s extravagant expenses

Bloomberg defended the First Couple’s getaway, telling reporters, “The president does not get paid that much. He is on a budget, too.”.

Comments the Gothamist

Well, from Bloomberg’s rarefied view atop Mount Moneypiles, we probably all look like Dickensian waifs struggling to sell our hair to the wig maker for halfpence, but to the average American, Obama’s hardly “on a budget.”

Of course, we are talking about the Mayor who, in his first debate in 2001 stood by his statements that asthma in poor neighborhoods is due to poor hygiene. As for the poor Obamas, getting the green light from Mike to live it up, the Gothamist gives us a glimpse at his “fixed budget” too:

City Room breaks down Obama’s current income: $400,000 a year salary, a $50,000 expense account, a $100,000 nontaxable travel account and a $19,000 entertainment budget. His total compensation package, $569,000 a year, is 11 times the median household income in the U.S., which is around $50,000

Maybe Bloomberg – who threatened to run as a third party candidate if the Democrats fail to nominate Obama, should pay this puny fixed income out of his own vast resources. This way the commoners will not feel entitled to demand accountability on their tax money. During a recession.


It’s finally came to its logical conclusion:

Not satisfied with the so called “MSM” fawning, Obama has decided to take things in his own hands and produce its own propaganda. And from the man who has his own presidential logo during the campaign,

here comes his own TV logo.

What is sure to ruffle some feathers in a karmic way is the fact that in order to insure its exclusive coverage

The White House press corps was not allowed to attend.

Oh, poor Fourth Estate! Now its becoming obvious to even themselves that they are obsolete!

Jack Tapper gives us the print and TV reports – both blissfully unaware of OTV

The pool was held back from the stroll down the drive and around the corner, and couldn’t see the court. Poolers could hear periodic cheering coming from the other side of the bushes.”

Read the TV pool report: “Your Pool was not allowed to go over and shoot POTUS with the team shooting hoops.  We protested loudly.

I suppose the MSM should return to covering Hollywood and shark attacks. Unless OTV will decide to take that from them too. laments Tapper:

Do Obama White House officials think their media coverage isn’t flattering enough?

No, Jack. In fact, I predict a few heads from OTV will roll before the proper degree of flattery is achieved.

Maybe the Obamas made a mistake taking the Clintons advice as to where to send their kids to school. Having picked the same school, they now invite inevitable comparisons and they don’t come up as good

Obamas prove stingy with school auction

was the headline – surprisingly – from MSNBC

Inerestingly, the article starts with what the Clintons contributed to the school fundraising auction while Chelsea was a student:

In 1996, a round of golf with Bill Clinton went for nearly six figures; another year Chelsea Clinton offered up her babysitting services to the highest bidder.

The end of the article tells us Chelsea still contributes

Chelsea Clinton remains involved in the event — this year she and a fellow alumna Nicole Davison donated a “lunch or brunch” in New York City. The value, according to the bidding materials: “priceless.”

And what did the guy who gave the queen of England an I-pod with his own speeches give the school where 2 of his children go? Well, 2 items, actually:

the only items up for bid from the Obamas included a signed copy of the Rolling Stone issue featuring the president and a signed copy of the January Vogue that featured the first lady.

Two magazines! Autographed! reminds me of that W golden moment they included in the 9.11 puff piece: signing his name of a photo of a lost parent a 9.11 kid showed him. “When you find your father tell him you met me”. About the same confidence in the value of one’s autograph.

In the same vein, pork  producers would like the name “swine” taken out of the flu

For U.S. pork producers the swine flu name has hurt, forcing government officials into the position of stressing that American pork is safe to eat and that other countries should not ban imports.

But whatever name, Democrats put it to a good use

With the swine flu officially out of the pen in the United States, Democrats and their allies have taken to heart Rahm Emanuel’s maxim that “you never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

Some of the  tabloids today capture the best and the worst politicians in NY.

For the worst – the miracle being that it’s covered in the media at all, the Mayor that bought NYC – forever shows his soft touch

Mind you, this is the guy who said in a debate that asthma occurs in poor neighborhoods because of bad hygiene, so, not exactly out of character.

here’s the article that goes with the headline

Mayor Michael Bloomberg stared down and chastised a wheelchair-bound reporter after his tape recorder accidentally started playing during a news conference aired live on TV Thursday.

At one point, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn leaned over and told the mayor the reporter was disabled, to which he replied: “I understand that. He can still turn it off.”

The episode showed a lack of sensitivity, disabled advocates said. The reporter was troubled by the incident and wants an apology.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, the Governor that the media has been shredding to please the Kennedys, just gave me a new reason to vote for him:

Not Your Sweetie

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