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The 🍆  measuring contest with Nk is heating up and AP wants to help things along

but the original agents of chaos had better chosen words

and proving he deserves all those names, he responds

and Newsweek cover captures the moment

Breaking news

About that bribe they offered Murkowski

but even after the bribe

she said this after the July attempt


And on that  Sanders publicity stunt on CNN

and it downgrades the process

another goodie

the effects

more reviews

and they actually admit they are lying

and in conclusion

Science – who would have thunk it?

best illustration

and I expect 🍊 will apologize to Erdrogan again for having American citizens beaten

and out of paranoia, STFU University was born

because impeachment is on his mind this morning

and this with best comment

and Russians are confirming in their own predictable way

and *unsuccessfully*


and what people think of it

Pence is parsing

meaning that

apology tour part 2

Meanwhile, on Earth 2


and the editorial that goes with it.

With the rash of whacky medical wisdom coming from Hollywood, someone, at least NY POst needs to say STFU! Movies should NOT talk back!

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Let me point out from the start that I am not – and never been a fan of either combatants. I didn’t turn to Fox – not even during the last elections when it seemed to many – more balanced – simply because it wasn’t beholden to Obama, the way other media outfits were.

I always saw  that they were an ideological, RW outlet.

In fact, the first time Obama withheld his patronage of Fox – at the beginning of the the campaign – I took this as an act of courage and considered supporting him. Only later did I figure out that by then, he had NBC and others in his pocket and the Wall Street, Pharma, insurers money – so he could afford this seemingly partisan act. But it did look good during the campaign.

Later, he had a secret summit with Roger Ailes followed by an interview with a supine O’Reilly, in which he said, among other things that he admired Republican ideas such as deregulation. And Fox did give him a break over McCain.

Once in power, the war started – again.

Time chronicled – earlier this month a war on all media opposition

So a new White House strategy has emerged: rather than just giving reporters ammunition to “fact-check” Obama’s many critics, the White House decided it would become a player, issuing biting attacks on those pundits, politicians and outlets that make what the White House believes to be misleading or simply false claims, like the assertion that health-care reform would establish new “sex clinics” in schools. Obama, fresh from his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, cheered on the effort, telling his aides he wanted to “call ’em out.”

Interesting that Obama was personally cheering this one.

We already know of his decision to snub a Food channel show because the hostess has the same audience as Fox:

“We are going to screw her just like we screwed Fox News.”

So, this is not just war, this is personal. And it’s wrong in many, many ways – some of which I’ll try to count.

Some of them are revealed by John Nichols in his Whiner in Chief piece at the Nation

As for the Obama administration, whether the grumbling is about Republicans on Fox or bloggers in pajamas, there’s a word for what the president and his aides are doing. That word is “whining.” And nothing — no attack by Glenn Beck, no blogger busting about Guantanamo — does more damage to Obama’s credibility or authority than the sense that a popular president is becoming the whiner-in-chief.

Having a bunker mentality with an unprecedented favorable coverage from the media – I guess makes him a whiner.

Indeed, Fox attacked Clinton too – in fact the entire media did so. There were no secret summits, no collusion with other media outfits and no armistices then. It was the reason I admired – at first – Obama going against them in the campaign.

Another reason, as highlighted in the USA Today article is that what is acceptable during the campaign, it is not as a governing body

It’s hard to understand this as a calculated move for a White House that has far bigger things to worry about — Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s nuclear ambitions being just one — than drive-by rants on cable television.

The latest Dunn accusations – that Fox is an arm of the Republican party – is lame for two reasons:

It’s old news, and Obama (not the Democratic party) has at least two media arms that even his base recognize: MSNBC and CNN.

But this is fundamentally wrong because as USA Today points out

There is still a thing called presidential decorum. Sending out a taxpayer-paid partisan to attack a network, and by extension, its viewers, is not presidential. If you want to get in the mud with Glenn Beck, do it on your own dime and time, not ours.

It is more than an affront to decorum. Obama is not attacking here just a network, but like in the case of the Food Channel show, the people watching it. It’s one thing to attack voters in a campaign (bad, but more appropriate), and a totally different one for an elected president to attack his constituents. Whether he likes it or not, because of the democratic system he is now the president of all people – including those who didn’t vote for him. I know he and his fans think getting the presidency is merely an opportunity to pay back opponents

but that’s missing the point that he is in office  TO SERVE THE PEOPLE – all the people of the US, and his power comes from representing us. It’s not bestowed by God to smite his enemies. Like Jr. thought. And like Jr.jr acts.

And another thng: while he is pleasing his base by attacking people who watch Fox, he makes un-holly alliances with pharma et

al for the advertising of his programs. Only the price of this alliance hurts everyone

With Paterson refusing to step down from his next election, Obama created a nice little political crisis in New York. One of the effects highlighted by the NY Post

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With the governor race one year away, the governor’s position is already seriously hobbled for the coming year. A president who is in campaign mode every day wouldn’t think of that.

Some of the media (and many voters) are sympathetic to Paterson’s stand-off. AM-NY

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upstate Herald Record

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nd even Newsday seem to at least headline this fairly. Obama cheerleader Daily News is huffing and puffing

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And the New York Times tabloid gets the perfect visual for Obama’s blitz of yesterday

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– same thing, different stooge.


Crushing primaries is hardly limited to New York as this Denver Post editorial reveals.

Obama has jumped into other primaries, as well. He endorsed Sen. Arlen Specter, the Pennsylvania Republican-turned-Democrat, in his bid against a more liberal opponent. The president also gave a quick thumbs up to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand when there was a chance she might be challenged by another Democrat for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s old New York Senate seat.

Still, Obama doesn’t know who the best candidate is for Colorado. The issues in this race haven’t even been broached. Certainly we have no problem with the president endorsing someone — in fact, we like to do it, too — but c’mon, let’s have a campaign first.

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