After comiserating with the bonus recipients (from taxpayers money), and  having told us Obama lives on a budget, this time, Bloomberg cried in his teacup for Pharma . For the billionaire who bought NYC – twice – they make peanuts

“You know, last time I checked, pharmaceutical companies don’t make a lot of money, their executives don’t make a lot of money – not that they couldn’t do better,” the mayor told WOR host John Gambling as the duo discussed health care from during their weekly radio show.

Bloomberg who championed Obama to the point of threatening to run as 3rd party if the Dems nominated Hillary also ranted against the evil Canadians who would love to compete for prices with our poor little pharma

it’s “wrong” for companies to be selling drugs at a lower price in Canada than here in the US, adding: “We should stop that.”

Hmmm- maybe he should buy them out.

The funny thing was that during the commercial on the radio show he stated those things his handlers might have alerted him that he let the billionaire out again so he retracted. Sorta:

he had done a quick Google search and discovered that some big drug company execs are actually “making a decent amount and more than a decent amount.”

The Daily News , to their credit noted that

Big Pharma has not taken the beating during the health care debate that the insurance companies have weathered.

That’s in part because the Obama administration struck a deal with the nation’s drug makers earlier this month, with the powerful Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America reportedly willing to spend as much as $200 million to help the president overhaul the health care system.

He joked about the reason his view on salaries is skewed

Bloomberg joked that he’s only getting paid $1 a year (which he doesn’t even keep) to be mayor, which makes everyone else’s salaries look big – no matter how much they make

Which would be funny had he not just said Pharma execs’ pay (up to 25-29 million a year) don’t make all that much.