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It’s Sunday. I am allowed to doze off and get startled awake yet again.

This comes from a tweet by David Axes of Evil Frum

and it’s a little teaser from the promising revisionism W is trying so hard to sell

The short tidbit at the link gives us the “scoop” about W almost rebelling against Cheney by replacing Rumsfield. Obviously Unca Dick set him straight.

The conclusion that this would have “lost” the war in Iraq belongs to Frum.

My tweet to him:
What did we win?

And the fun doesn’t stop here! The enterprising Frum who has been fired by W for bragging about putting words in his mouth, finds more news in his book: not only didn’t W stand up to Cheney, but apparently he didn’t really rebelled against Poppy either by going to war.

Privately, Poppy gave his blessing


Not enough people noticed this in my tabloid listing so I dedicated it a whole entry.

Remember when W’s recession which started November 2001 was written out by newspapers, WH flunkies as having started in November 2000?

It’s only fair that, having kicked his recession back to Clinton, W would want something back.

Remember the Millenium terrorist plot on New years 1999 that Clinton’s FBI foiled? It involved the Sears Towers.

Somehow, W incorporated it in his memoir and moved it 2 years later

Bush: Sears Tower was ‘a genuine target’

“People forget that the Sears Tower was a target — a genuine target, and the mayor responded, and his people responded, brilliantly to the threats,” Bush said, calling Chicago the “best-run city in America.”

Daley received the compliment responding with another bold lie

Daley returned the favor, praising Bush for the calm he exuded on the day the mayor called “Pearl Harbor for another generation.”

Which W eagerly grabbed and enhanced, teaching others to do what he did

“It was a stark reminder that I was not to create panic,” Bush said. “If you’re the head of an organization in a crisis, you’ve got to understand that the people who follow you will feed off your reaction. My recommendation to anybody who is confronting a crisis is to project calm—and that’s what I did.”

THIS calm

But who’s going to give us our copy of My pet Goat to read for 9 minutes?

And let’s not forget the “getting out of harm’s way” by “calmly running to a bunker.

The interview you gave may be scrubbed, but the words are indelible in people’s minds, oh, great wise teacher.

Yes, time to update the suck-up files. Karl Rove gives Millbank an interview and, because he has no power now, Millbank is actually printing the truth

After snarking at some outrageous Rove rewrites, Milbank finally issues a sweeping statement


Every article about George W. Bush ever written by Dana Milbank was wrong. The Post regrets the error.

Oh, yeah, we do to. But it’s not like anyone died because of it. Oh, wait…

Here’s one re-write NY Post attempted at the time

(Bush kept reading “My Pet Goat” after being told of the terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2001, because he “wanted to project calm”). Pretty much everything gets corrected – the war in Iraq, Katrina, the Plame case (in which Obama sided with Karl)

But the most shocking correction to me – from the Old Bitch beer Millbank has to be this one

He describes at length how Clinton staffers “trashed” the White House, though investigators were “unable to conclude whether the 2001 transition was worse than previous ones.”

He actually offers a link to a pdf of the White House site (W’s white House) to prove this. Oh, Dana, Dana, Dana! Too bad you didn’t know about that when your paper – along with all the other papers were breathlessly reporting this story – along with AF-1 gate, presentsgate, pardongate! officegate and all the other screaming insults you hurled at Clinton after he left presidency with 68% approval rate. I bet in 20 years you work your way around those too. And then maybe even Whitewater ,  Vince Foster, Travelgate ,Troopergate and the rest you guys made up.

I wonder if this blanket correction also covers the extremely revealing Bush-Gore comparison he once made: Gore makes you feel like he’s better than you, although he isn’t while Bush doesn’t make you feel he is better than you, although he clearly is”

Or what about this masterpiece in butt kissing

In early evening, some 50 journalists and camera crews, along with a dozen aides and as many Secret Service agents, piled into a half-dozen white vans for the drive to the heavily fortified Bush ranch and its relatively modest limestone compound. (Reporters were not allowed in the main house but connived their way into the guest house by saying they needed to use the toilets.)

I needed a toilet after reading this too – in my own house. Here’s another helping if you can take it

A scrum of journalists followed the president from truck to chicken to cobbler. One tried, unsuccessfully, to pepper Bush with foreign policy questions. Another pleaded for more such private moments, moaning, “I miss you!” Still others wanted to know what the first lady thought of being called a “lump” by her husband. The answer? Off the record.

Yeah. Dana Millbank – the court jester of the Bushes. And now, Obamas.

I wonder what he’ll retract when Rahm goes away. or will he wait until the end of Obama’s term?

via  Dutch Comedy TV

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Bush the Smarter, whose wife famously called Hillary “something that rhymes with a witch” is decrying the lack of civility in politics.

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While he seems to remember his times as “the good old days”, he is feeling sorry for the Whiner in Chief

President Obama “is entitled to civil treatment and intellectual honesty when it comes to critics.”

Then ironically

While he said he does not believe in personal name-calling, he singled out MSNBC personalities Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow calling them “sick puppies.”

“The way they treat my son and anyone who’s opposed to their point of view is just horrible,” Mr. Bush said.

And then came the best line:

With a chuckle, Mr. Bush said his son’s critics “weren’t singled out as much as they should have been.”

Like the guy who is now the only memorable thing from Obama’s wishy-washy healthcare speech. He got singled out to the tune of 4.4 million! (of course you need to carefully read several paragraphs of the CNN story to find out that Joe Wilson raised 2.7 of it while his Democratic opponent only 1,7! No wonder Michelle Obama is punishing the state with a no show!

While Poppy Bush mentioned he had his differences with Obama which he won’t express, it’s interesting that he was found for this interview, hosting Mr. Obama at a volunteerism event on the Texas A & M campus.

Which is one sighting of the official meme to be executed by Hollywood according to this

“from October 19-25, more than 60 network TV shows [will] spotlight the power and personal benefits of service,” and that this “unprecedented block of TV programming is the first wave of a multi-year ‘I Participate’ campaign.”

I noticed a weird reference in “Flash forward” – when a woman asks a priest for  help to atone for something she didn’t do yet, and is given some information on volunteer groups.

I personally volunteered and support the concept, but the idea of deliberate message peppering from the White House is a creepy deja vu.

Ceausescu was doing it as well – not through memos – but outright through speeches. He would spout some specific slogans, the directive that they be spread, and the next day they were out there – in poems, short stories, movies and books.

Oh, and his critics didn’t get “singled out”. They got – disappeared.

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