It was No Quarter that led me to this significant battle cry to what we used to call “DLC types” that usually congregate at The New Republic. (you know – the DLC – the dreaded Republicrats that Hillary was accused of belonging to)

I do not remember any help to Hillary from the bunch. But they are surely doing the victory dance now:

Why Democrats have ever listened to these people is beyond me. Let’s applaud Barack Obama for ignoring the nonsense wing of his party.

As LisaB at No Quarter correctly observes:

Now THIS is interesting. Apparently the schism in the Democratic party continues. First it was Hillary supporters, dead-enders, who didn’t know the game was up and that Obama was going to bring sweetness and light to the progressive world. Now it’s the left’s turn under the bus.

If someone planned to destroy this party couldn’t have done a better job! Could they?

Naaah! When it comes to accusations of competence it’s when I draw the line….

Although there’s always that SNL sketch about Reagan only pretending to be out of it

and then turning into an evil genius once the girls scouts were shooed out of the Oval Office

Anyway, who’s under the bus?

Grandma, Wright, Pennsylvania, Mi, Fla voters. Appalachia voters, the working class, women, boomers, the Clintons and their voters, Clark atheists, anti-war activists – OK, let’s call them the “nutroots” to have fun like DLC has…

I am sure those mythical voters from the mushy middle, the fundies will more than make for us.

Hey, karma is a bitch – be careful what you wish for

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Where’s your “progressive” candidate now , ers?
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