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I might not have taken notice of this latest oily piece of fluff had I not been out of touch for a while with a sophomoric cult of Obama.

So, now that I am back, this piece of junk from Politico hit me like a ton of bricks. It’s an insider piece – not for you and me, but for “Obama watchers” – who apparently have a hard job on the drinking thinghie:

Therein lies the problem for Obama-watchers trying to follow his every trend.

The president appears to have eclectic tastes, and so far, his drink of choice hasn’t emerged.

Oh, the humanity! How hard it must be for this people! How to come to an agreement on the direction of the spin?  Whatever will they tell us commoners to admire and emulate?

Drink sparkling wine from South Africa or stick to martinis and margaritas? The mantle of responsibility is daunting. But whether a trend can be  isolated and promoted, there’s always the simple task of praising Obama: blessed if he does, blessed if he doesn’t.

And don’t even think that a serious article like that is going to leave propaganda to amateurs! No way! An honest to god professor from Syracuse – OK,  a pop culture professor is summoned to lecture us how, whatever Obama does is good:

Now, as an adult, a sip now and then only humanizes him, says Robert Thompson, a professor of pop culture at Syracuse University. “It certainly plays in his favor,” Thompson says. “It gives people the sense that he’s a regular guy. He’s doing what one does at a basketball game. He’s having a beer. It adds to the notion that he’s kind of a cool guy, and it might be nice to have a drink with him.”

Funny about the last one – it was used for W who pretended to be abstinent as well. But if they found the idiots to buy that then, it surely must be easier selling it about the guy confessing that in his youth

“got into drinking and experimenting with drugs.”

I mean, who amongst you didn’t spend their high school this way, then got into Harvard?

What can be more “regular guy” than that?

All together: Awwwww!