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We live in times where incivility will earn you a house resolution of disapproval if the words “you lie” were addressed to Teh One.

We also live in times where Teh One can call someone (albeit deservedly) a jack ass and get apologies from the news media which let the remark be tweeted

I suppose, the truth to all remarks not withstanding, some have more right to incivility than others…

Here are some tweets commenting on the Obama outburst

Javier_e Terry Moran is a Jackass
36 minutes ago from TwitterBerry

@McCainBlogette I don’t know if anything more represents the state of the media today…than Terry Moran tweeting an off the record stmnt

jobsker43 Okay, even w/bad economy and all Terry Moran should be fired. I mean are u kidding? What is going on? People yelling at Pres. in Congress,

Pats16 Terry Moran, welcome to unemployment

thejoshuablog @lauramoore On Terry Moran: I kind of like how that made Obama look,sticking up for the white southern girl.Whatever fucks w/ Beck’s meme

erob1 @harrisonloveall nah man, Terry Moran is just a failure at life, no fault to Obama. but Kanye will be devastated his black Pres scolds him

phillygirl1441 Do you think Terry Moran will be disciplined for the accidental Tweet? Didn’t Connie Chung have a similar incident with Barbra Bush?

lpsrocks RT @TeresaKopec: Terry Moran did Obama a solid. Who DOESN’T think Kanye acted like a jackass. Bipartisanship at last!

nycsav ABC’s Terry Moran reported Obama called Kanye West ‘jackass’ over Taylor Swift/VMA incident. I adore u, Barack Obama! You’re my hero

And now, let’s go lynch Joe Wilson! (after we dance on the grave of Terry Moran’s job)

Beer anyone?

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Some of those screaming bloody murder about Moran were angry that the media was cleaning up the “bushspeak” making W sound articulate (I know I was)

On second thought, the most disturbing aspect of those reactions is the glee at the perspective of ABC, Moran being denied White House access.

JaiDaveon @cijimcb rt! That he did is so beyond ridiculous! As I posted on FB, who just lost their White House access? ths guy—> Terry Moran ABCnews

The press has officially became the court jesters . They used to consider themselves that for some time – now the public accepted the role..


Via TMZ here’s the soundbite . What struck me is the sycophantic giggling of the gaggle – what an embarrassing lot! They are actually discussing what makes Obama look good or not in what thy cover – trivial or not. Funniest comment there

3. I guess Obama doesn’t like black people either.

Posted at 3:30PM on Sep 15th 2009 by nin1337