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Is it a slow news day or self doubts flog a new way of fanatism? Found this tracking my traffic. Timing is bizare at least – but maybe it’s part of the new “democrat on democrat” trend Politico was trumpeting.

One cannot touch The One they think they brought in, so they have to find someone to pile on.

Just as a refresher to guests:

PUMA are about honest elections, civil rights – including women and gays (not the DNC abridged definition), no war, economic rights for the not so very rich as well, lock box social security and single payer healthcare. We are against misogyny – that’s why we defended Sarah Palin against the hangings in efigy, threats of rape and fabricated baby stories – not because we are Republicans.

We started as Democrats (hence the meaning of the acronym) – but some of us left the party after the fixed primaries of last year.

Oh, and we dislike Kim Gandy because she was invisible during the Bros before Hos part of 2004 but emerged afterwards ready to defend…Michelle and declare Palin a dude. Somehow, we had the naive belief NOW was there for its constituents, not for the male candidate/Democratic party.

puma.gif picture by Robbedvoter