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Appropriatedly named Talking point memo  is issuing a new meme based on a Quinnipiac poll

Poll: Tea Party Is The Home Of The Angry White Woman

Just in time to counteract headlines such as

Obama To Host Pro-Life Dems For Abortion Executive Order Signing

There’s a recount of th long history of this Romneycare passing in WaPo. A small passage about Stupak caught my attention

The women became furious. Voices were raised. Rep. Louise M. Slaughter (D-N.Y.), a close friend of Pelosi’s, lamented about “all the women we were just throwing under the bus” and called it “a betrayal of all the women that had fought for this for so long.” Pelosi, according to two participants, had tears in her eyes. But she got the votes — that time.

The ladies quickly got over it though and sold the rest of us. Now we have a Supak EO and everyone is happy.

And now, that the women Democrats have been silenced (it’s just symbolic, ya know), the tea party is blamed on women because

55% are women, while just 45% are men.

and only later we get told that this is the usual percentage for all political parties

As for the gender breakdown, the 55% female majority puts the tea party movement in line with other political parties, with the exception of independents. That group is more male than female by a margin of 54-46.

But the opportunity presents itself to nail the bitches, so why not?

I don’t know how many PUMAs joined the tea party – I know some did and that’s when I removed my own affiliation with PUMA to avoid confusion.

I do however see an ugly backlash in this headline, a return to the misogynistic days of the 2008 elections.

Be careful what you wish for. I had just written a fer days ago that being ignored is even worse than being maligned in the last election.

In fact, they talk about it in B0botland and all old slurs are back

. Angry (and I would bet, extremely uneducated) OLDER white women

I would love to see the educational level correlates. I am betting that this is a consequence of many decades of diminishing high school graduation rates during these older women’s lives (and increasing divorce rates) with the accompanying decimation of future opportunities.

Just my hunch, but a good one, I think

9. Shouldn’t that be OLD angry white woman?

And stupid?

Yeah. The gut hatred is back. That coupled with the hint of race bait in the “White” shall drive the November elections. At least from the B0bots POV.


Only a few days later, here comes a Gallup poll demolishing that factoid

Tea Party supporters are decidedly Republican and conservative in their leanings. Also, compared with average Americans, supporters are slightly more likely to be male and less likely to be lower-income.

Gallup has the numbers reversed from Quinnipiac: (second row represents percentages of US adults)

55% men, 45 women.

But then again, all polls are manufactured reality. Gallup just wanted to make a different point than Quinnipiac.


Not quite that headline but close

Hillary backers left to question Dems’ decision

The article appeared in Metro papers in NY and Philadelphia

But now that the influence of their “messiah” — President Barack Obama — proved not to be enough to keep the Senate seat of longtime liberal Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy out of Republican control, some are left with a burning question: What was I thinking voting for Obama?

“I definitely should have voted for Hillary!” bemoaned Phyllis Entis on her foodie blog at

“Yes, you should have,” responded a reader in the comments portion of the blog. “She knows how to get things done and isn’t afraid to use her power. We would have universal health care by now if she were in the Oval.”

Yeah, we were racist, old, uneducated, frustrated feminists and a few names I can’t print here

I can’t believe I can now read “Hillary backers” without the usual insult attached to it

“She didn’t dance around the issues,” “Bill” posted to “She never would have let Republicans get away with their antics. Dare I say it: Hillary ’12!”

I don’t dare – not with yesterday’s SCOTUS decision. The Mass election may be the last one where votes mattered.

I can only say

Here’s a column written by someone who was keeping score better than I did

Anticipating Tuesday’s special election

A non-Kennedy, non-Obama candidate  may win the special election to replace the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, and become the first woman ever elected to the U.S. Senate from that ultra liberal state.If Clinton supporter and Massachusetts Attorney General  Martha Coakley wins  that will make the ninth score that Clinton has settled. And it will have happened in the state that the Kennedy family once ruled.

The handy list of Clinton’s foes and their fates that I have in my Schadenfreude entry is also included.

Along with some pretty good analysis. Some of “Th Queen”‘s victories in this chess game

Besides vanquishing the eight pawns on the chess board, here are few more victories for the Clintons

.• The last minute save of the Turkish-Armenian accords opening the borders between these two longtime enemies.

• Bill Clinton’s dramatic feel-good rescue of the two female reporters held hostage in North Korea

• Clinton being named No. 4 of the 25 “smartest people” of the decade by the political blog The Daily Beast: “If anyone has a more intellectually rigorous resume for the decade, we have yet to see it.” High praise.

• A flattering article about Clinton in the December issue of Vogue magazine, complete with photos by the legendary Annie Liebowitz.

• Clinton’s approval rating in the high 60-percentile while Obama’s flirts under 50.

• The near “irrelevance” of those special envoys Mitchell and Holbrooke. They have been sidelined or mired in diplomatic quicksand.

Furthermore, she has been paying off her debts, while Obama has been multiplying his (and the country’s) I.O.U.s.

But it’s nice to know that time perspective eventually lets the truth out
It took a while, but we finally found the B0bots smell of Da Feet
It is US.

There was just a primary in Massachusetts. There were two progressives running for the democratic seat and a DLC mushy middle candidate who won (Martha Coakley).

Ten percent of registered voters turned out to vote for this seat. Ted Kennedy’s old seat.

I guess this would be another “I told you so” edition of disparate news

Remember when Obama declared he wanted to be friends with the Taliban? It wouldn’t be easy, as the media pulled a wall of silence on that one ever since.

But now he has started a review of policy toward Afghanistan and Pakistan intended to find a new strategy, and he signaled that reconciliation could emerge as an important initiative,

I am thinking the “reconciliation” part must not be doing that great as nobody remembers it. In fact they are advancing and threatening Islamabad now. Damn! if they only accepted B0’s (the 2 legged) friend request back then!

Meanwhile, turning torture into politics became the gift that keeps on giving: Now Nancy “there won’t be a Unity ticket” Pelosi is squirming trying to deny she knew of it since 2002

Nancy Pelosi denies knowing U.S. officials used waterboarding — but GOP operatives are pointing to a 2007 Washington Post story which describes an hour-long 2002 briefing in which Pelosi was told about enhanced interrogation techniques in graphic detail.

Oh, but I am sure off the table Nancy protested and raised objections at the time! Non?

For more than an hour, the bipartisan group, which included current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), was given a virtual tour of the CIA’s overseas detention sites and the harsh techniques interrogators had devised to try to make their prisoners talk.

Among the techniques described, said two officials present, was waterboarding, a practice that years later would be condemned as torture by Democrats and some Republicans on Capitol Hill. But on that day, no objections were raised. Instead, at least two lawmakers in the room asked the CIA to push harder, two U.S. officials said.

Was Nancy one of those? No, because even this would have implied an “on the table attitude” Not only was Nancy a coward at the time, but she now raises in her defense that a protest was eventually logged by – wait for the irony – Jane Harman. How pathetic one gets when needing to CYA with the moral paragon that is Harman? This is Schadenfreude List material

And now for a Schadenfreude that is all laughs thanks to the past grilling of Tweety by John Stewart and its effects today. Keep in mind, the interview at the link took place BEFORE Tweety became campaign propagandist for Obama. Which makes the title Tweety’s book had then even funnier today than it was then

“Life’s a Campaign: What Politics Has Taught Me About Friendship, Rivalry, Reputation, and Success.

Of course Jon Stewart didn’t let this comic gold pass un-mined

Stewart immediately went on the offensive, calling its thesis a Machiavellian “recipe for sadness” and disagreeing vehemently with what the book’s title implies.

“If you treat life like a campaign … at the end of your life, do you give a concession speech?” asked Stewart. “Aren’t campaigns fundamentally contrivances?”

The delicious interview comes to mind again as Tweety had changed his paperback title, trying hard to convince everyone that this had nothing to do with Stewart:

“The Hardball Handbook: How to Win at Life.

Considering how recently Tweety withdrew from his projected Senate race in Pennsylvania, and did so out of fear of PUMA, I think he is definitely the go to guy for “winning at life”.

Funniest bit? There is a note on the cover

“previously published as ‘Life’s a Campaign.’”

Yeah, that’ll work! Kind of like John Uranus changing his name to Robert Uranus!

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