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The fat cats fundraiser for B0 took place today. A handful of us braved the starting rain (hence the Tweety umbrella).

We held signs

and gave flyers.

B0bots were extremely eager to see our flyer. When I stopped one of them from taking one, another took her button off, posed as ‘neutral” asked lots of questions – all versions of “who is behind this and how can I get to them”? She got her flyer and immediately ran to her fellow B0bots putting her humongous button on her hip. To make a point, I got into her face and took a picture

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And, no, I didn’t want to bother setting it upright.

We didn’t get to see Hillary of Backtrack going in – although the Secret service was there – so, I am sure they went in.

But we had interesting discussions with passers by. Most of them were supportive. A few were asking: “So, who are going to vote for?” “Hillary, if SDs do their job”

A few B0bots acted like freepers: “I hate her!”

“Your guy just voted today so that the government can tape your phone. She voted against”

“I hate her”

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Spoilers warning

The movie opens with Itchy getting to be president by hawking all the credit for going to the moon (killing Scratchy). The VP on that ticket – Hillary.

From the script:

A parade fills the street with blue mice not unlike Itchy, who rides in a car. “Itchy for President” and “Itchy/Hillary ’08” banners can be seen.

(Itchy the POTUS later tries to hide his fraud by blowing up the Moon)

Of course, in the “real” cartoon world, they had President Schwartzenegger – who wanted to “lead, not read”

Later the EPA puts a glass dome over Springfield – and their whole life goes to hell

dome.jpg picture by Robbedvoter

Somehow, 18 million cracks get made in that glass ceiling

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– and it’s blown to bits – and everyone is happy again.


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Wall Street Journal counts the ways in which the Boys of Brazile can insult us

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It starts of with having Donna give opinions:

Under party rules, Sen. Clinton’s huge delegate count gives her the right to put her name into nomination. “But do you do it?” asked Ms. Brazile. “Politically, does it heighten tensions?”

It goes on with discarding the VP possibility – good riddance.

The next way to humiliate us would be:

Sen. Clinton could decline to have her name put forward, and Sen. Obama then could be nominated by acclamation.

There is a “choreographing” problem here:

Dropping the roll call would require a vote by the delegates, and would need choreographing to prevent any protests by disappointed Clinton delegates. But an unanimous nomination of Sen. Obama would send the message that he had unified the party, while allowing Sen. Clinton to ingratiate herself with his campaign.

The problem is “there’s a strong feeling” that Sen. Clinton’s delegates need the chance to vote for her, Mr. Devine said. Many are still angry with a party decision that they feel deprived her of delegates from Michigan and Florida. “You don’t want a situation where anybody feels they’ve been cheated,” he said.

No, Mr. Devine, you don’t want that. the only way to avoid it, is nominate the actual winner.

If choreographing is hard, try the “scripting”: – Donna offers:

“There’s nothing symbolically wrong to putting her name in,” followed by a scripted withdrawal

And, should delegates not follow the script, B0’s media could help then:

Or the networks could decide not to cover a roll call, calculating that it would gobble up the evening’s entire allotted hour of air time.

So, then giving her a prime time speech would make up for stealing her votes – followed by “fading

If Sen. Clinton speaks on Monday, she could set the tone for the convention but then would fade to the sidelines for the rest of the week

The humiliation possibilities here are also rich:

Sen. Obama’s campaign will have final say over how long Sen. Clinton speaks, what she says, who introduces her, how long her supporters can cheer and dozens of other details.

How about what she wears? How deep she bows to him? Will 99 problems by JZ blare while she speaks?

Of course, then the Jesse Jackson rule would come into play. he got this – and – news to me – Dukakis blames him for his loss…You wouldn’t want B0 to blame Hillary when he loses, do you? DO YOU????

Poor Backtrack Obama! Bush had a much easier time stealing his elections!


Seems networks already jumped at the “limited coverage” suggestion with a delicious reason for it:

” Major television networks are considering curtailing coverage of the Democratic National Convention after Monday’s announcement that Barack Obama will accept his party’s nomination in a Denver stadium.

According to several broadcast executives, the networks will still cover all the major speeches. But beyond that, all options are open as they look for savings to balance out the anticipated costs surrounding the stadium event. The acceptance event is an unexpected departure from the traditional convention hall format for which they have spent months planning.

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