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Another milestone entry in this fantastic blog.

Not only does the Party leadership and large swaths of the Stevensonian elite firmly believe that the Truman rank-and-file have nowhere else to go in a political sense, they have also abandoned any substantive commitment to socio-economic movement for this class. They no longer care to provide there voters anywhere else to go economically or culturally. The Truman wing is seen as an electoral dead end, and no more effort should be expended on their behalf.


The message of economic justice still resonates with the majority of Democrats, as shown by Hillary’s intense support, but that message is not accepted as true. When we talk about it, we’re met by screams of β€œRacist! Racist!”and sneers that we have nowhere else to go.

concluding that

For Clinton Democrats, there is nowhere else to go with Obama because there was never anything there to begin with.

Fantastic analysis of the present rift in the party. To which I can only add – it’s been artificially introduced from the outside. The Stevensonians – are not actual Adlai Stevenson followers or their offspring. They are a demographic to which Obama (Dean 2.0) was successfully marketed. The Manchurian candidates, a hand grenade thrown in the middle of the party to destroy it was lobbed from elsewhere. GOP is just one of the possibilities. Still searching.

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NO WE WON’T RADIO Wednesday, July, 2nd, 2008 at 7:00pm EDT Interview with Cynthia Ruccia of Women for Fair Politics

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In hindsight, I have to wonder about all the tantrums Pelosi Dean & the pundits were throwing at this primary lasting so long….

The cried for Hillary to drop,, the orders for SDs to endorse already…

Why the rush?

We know that there was a need for money

We know that those DNC boxes packed for Chicago had to be mailed already

But how about the timing of the flip-flops?

Were those originally planned to come over a more extended period of time – gicing time to the faithful to…err…swallow?

Should Hillary be blamed for the fast and furious pace they had to come?

One can only wonder…


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