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I know, I know – it’s time to pinpoint the moment of the stunt already – but doe now, i’ll just bask in the evidence


RR Poll
McCain (R) 43% 46% 227 57%

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Obama (D) 43% 46% 293 54%

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Wow! It’s barely a week since McCain called himself an underdog….B0 couldn’t keep his lead through July?

i think I know why Dukakis is backing him: he wanted to get his Biggest Loser record wiped off – and looks like he has a good chance.

Interesting that people trust McCain More on the economy

McCain-Obama: Trust on Issues



Economy 45% 42% C, T

Interesting what people feel the November results may be:

Likely Outcome of 2008 Presidential Election
Obama Landslide 13%
Modest Obama Victory 31%
Modest McCain Victory 22%
McCain Landslide 5%
Too Close to Call 26%

And the RNC didn’t even start.

John Kass at Chicago Tribune makes the point that the cries of pain over Jackson remarks were really betryal pain in righteous disguise

Obama used them to crush the Clintons, but now the left is finally realizing it’s been betrayed, on issue after issue, with Obama changing his positions in order to defeat a tired and disillusioned Republican Party in November.

They’re at the dance now and he’s the one with the keys and he’s the only ride they’ve got. And they don’t like it.

Of course the writer – talented that he is – misses the point that when it comes to the media it wasn’t love that brought them to the dance – but CDS – Clinton derangement syndrome. In a way, they used Obama too, and that makes it fun to watch.

Kass goes on

So I have some sympathy for those on the left when it comes to Obama. They feel jilted, and the story was of a growing sense of betrayal, until Rev. Jackson whispered his desire to remove Obama’s valuables.

I, being one of the left, who didn’t use Obama to get at the Clintons have absolute no synpathy.

Then the left joined in with the right, and with the viewers of Fox News in the front rowβ€”representing those Reagan Democrat votes Obama will need in Novemberβ€”we all pounded Jackson, righteously, in Obama’s name.

“We all?” There they go again those pundits – claiming mandate. Plenty of us didn’t – and I haveΒ  proof I didn’t

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