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Michael Kinsley is proud of being clueless about PUMA

The entire tone reminds me of Archie Bunker telling Edith: “Hurry up and have the change of life already”

What is their problem? News reports suggest that disgruntled Clinton supporters are angry about alleged sexism in the coverage of her campaign, while other Democrats are upset at Obama’s recent moves toward the center. The second complaint is childish.

Let me count the ways just this paragraph is wrong.

Sorry you seem frustrated, Michael, but if you don’t get our problem, maybe you are not the person to write about us?

“news reports suggest” – there is one reason you’ll never get it Michael. try to stick your nose outside of the Beltway – get your facts from PUMAs, not “news reports” suggestions

“Alleged sexism” – it’s bad enough that this is the only issue you beltway boys are willing to recognize – after all the “CUNT” and “fucking whore” and “white women are a problem” toΒ  still use “alleged” smacks of bad faith….

It’s funny how “news reports” boxed us in with “disgruntled about sexism” – complete with blaming the media exclusively about it. Not unlike in 2000 when the people angry about the election theft were all declared black.

About winning and losing. Guess what, Michael? We all wanted to win at one point. It’s why we made electabilityΒ  consideration – still do. However, superdelegates told Hillary

while the
party might lose the election in the short term (the presidential
election, that is), the long term would be good, as the party would
have lots of new voters and money.

It’s the Boys of Brazile who made that choice, Michael, don’t shake your finger at me.

because, as the party forfeited this election, my own notion of “winning” evolved.

It’s now quite different from yours – in fact, it’s quite the opposite. Especially after reading this amazing paragraph:

On the other hand, if they go off in a snit when their candidate loses the nomination, that will suggest that they aren’t really in this out of progressive passion–they just find politics an amusing hobby, like racehorses or yachts.

Woah, Mike! I wish I could have amusing hobbies like those – but not being a Kerry, a Heinz or an Obama – can’t really afford them.

Me, I am more likely, when I am periodically down to get my claws out – or if I am feeling blue – maybe get a late term abortion.

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My other amusing hobbies? democracy, clean elections.

Thanks for playing.

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