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July 10, 2008 7:56 PM EDT
Contact: xxxx
Amount: $20.08
Date:     July 11, 2008 5:32 AM EDT
Contact:     Edgeoforever

Amount:     $50.00

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It was a 48h notice about a Hillary/Backtrack joint fundraiser in NYC – be there at 6:45AM!

Three of us made that early in the morning to watch yuppies line up for the chance to give money to B0.

NYC Girl was attempting to give flyers about paying down Hillary’s debt (she gave one). Boy, was she in the wrong crowd!

B0bot: why doesn’t she pay my debt?

BYC Girl: She would if you elected her!

One of us went inside the hotel and confirmed our inpression from the street – in spite of this being billed as a Unity event, it was 100% B0bots. The only Hillary Clinton people close to that hotel this morning was the 3 of us.

A Fox reporter

was interviewing people in line. 2 questions:

1. B0 asked his supporters to give to Hillary – do you think there’s any animosity for that?2. What do you think about the Jesse Jackson remarks?

B0bot with huge JEWS FOR JESUS er OBAMA button was giving the UNITY ponyspiel

– so I jammed my PUMA side of the sign in his face. he then said he never heard what JJ said – so Faux chick offered to tell him.

I did my best to get my sign in the background during 3 interviews – so maybe you’ll see it on FAUX

and just to be sure I gave the woman our flyer as well.

It was quite the sight all those cabs delivering all those people ready to stay in line for the priviledge to be fleeced. A B0bot who didn’t seem to have a ticket (informally dressed), was holding a microphone trying hard to interview people in line as well.

I offered my services

“or you only want to hear from people who agree with you?”

“No, I just ask people at random, I don’t know if you agree with me or not”

Maybe you need a pair of glasses then”

I said pointing at my signs. he went away, trying to get B0bots’ attention.


His requests for an interview went as well as NYC Girl flyers to pay Hillary’s debt.

The Oborg is THAT focussed!

We had many honks, thumbs ups and supportive smiles from passers by – so, in spite being surrounded by the Oborg, this was a pretty good morning.

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The question was asked before.

The new clue would be the Alexa traffic ratings of his site

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Looks like once Hillary suspended, most checked out. More did after the flip flops – doubt they’ll be back after the FISA vote.

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