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I took Riverdaughter’s advice and invested 45 minutes into listening to it.

I heard two people conflicted between the koolaid and the need to tell a story.

A few things Lizza said I knew they were whitewashed. For instance – when he talked about Obama’s political protector getting him ahead of the line ‘to get all his bills approved” he forgets to mention it was other people’s bills he was taking credit for – by simply putting his name to them.

Some stories were relevant though.

After the betrayal of Alice Palmer – a lot of black leaders in the community were hurt and angry at B0. Terry, hopeful for  morality tale about the Unity Pony eagerly asked: “and did they get over it?” “No, they never did”

Wright/Trinity were lightly touched. It was reluctantly admitted that the choice of the church was political –

“Trinity was a good place to be for an upcoming politician”

Brief reference to Rezko – lots of efforts to exculpate him. i found out Rezco tried to recruit B0 from Law School to work for him, so by the time he worked at the law firm that dealt with him they already knew each other. There came a time where other politicians rejected Rezko – based on the way he was administering the properties in the neighborhood – that didn’t phase B0 who became friends with him.

It seems along the way he made more enemies as he left behind his constituencies in his rapid move up.

Lizza talked about B0 being the consummate politician – and how it was a misconception in the beginning of the primary to consider him naive. ”

He was running against Hillary and she was supposed to be the calculating one”

Still, once it turns out he was too, Lizza went out of his way to explain how this is a good thing (I think it’s the old boy/girl thing – what’s good for the gander….”

Terry surprisingly asked if his effort was for the community or for himself. “That is the question” Lizza said – and never answered directly but mentioned:

Since 1995 – running for a new office every 5 years – a lot of his energy was spent climbing the next step on the ladder. People say he never got t stay enough in one place to leave a mark. One of his big question marks about him”

Terry embarrassed herself in a few places with undue fawning – she knows B0’s books by heart. When Lizza talked about fellow state senators angry at B0 jumping ahead of them and how Johnson had to protect him from them.

“so he was a revolutionary” gushed Terry…Huh?

As for his flip-flopping “to the center” (read further right) Lizza said

his campaign believes people will get over it and there’s no other place to go anyway.

Where did I hear that argument before? Ah, yeah, it was about the PUMAs.

Update with the NBC cooking the numbers on this poll

Politically Drunk on Power caught the sleight of hand in this polling –

On the other hand, according to NBC pollsters, over 10% of those voting for McCain would vote for Ralph Nader if his name were on the ballot.
The most disturbing number in the poll, however, is Obama’s magically rising number. Perhaps someone could explain to me how it is that, not only does Obama lose no support in a race with Nader’s name on the ballot, but how it is that his polling number increases to 48%

Update with MSNBC take on it:

there are plenty of signs that Obama hasn’t yet closed the deal; if anything, he’s simply grabbing on to the reverse Bush coattails at the moment.

WSJ poll finds  that voters have it about Obama:

This dynamic is underscored in a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll. The survey’s most striking finding: Fully half of all voters say they are focused on what kind of president Sen. Obama would be as they decide how they will vote, while only a quarter say they are focused on what kind of president Sen. McCain would be.

When voters were asked whether they could identify with the background and values of the two candidates, 58% said they could identify with Sen. McCain on that account, while 47% said the same of Sen. Obama. More than four in 10 said the Democratic contender doesn’t have values and a background they can identify with.


The writer goes on to compare mcCain with Carter and B0 with raygun. Murdoch REALLY wants this guy.


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PUMA video with the right soundtrack

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Tom Bevan at Yahoo News acknowledges a few more signs of a narcissistic ego.

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First from Rice:

SPIEGEL: Critics say the trip is nothing but a PR stunt to strengthen his foreign-policy credentials and that he has only rarely been to Europe before.

Rice: Senator Obama has travelled to Europe, Africa, the Middle East and South Asia many times before. He lived in Asia. He bows to nobody in his understanding of this world.

and then it’s his

We then asked, well, what about foreign policy — should we be concerned that you just don’t have much experience there?

He said, directly, two things.

First, he said, I’m on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, where I serve with a number of Senators who are widely regarded as leading experts on foreign policy — and I can tell you that I know as much about foreign policy at this point as most of them.

bevan notes

Just who is Obama comparing himself to with this remark? Senators on the Foreign Relations Committee who would fit the description of “widely regarded as leading experts on foreign policy” include Joe Biden (34 years on the Committee), Dick Lugar (28 years), Chris Dodd (26 years), and Chuck Hagel (10 years). Together those gentlemen have nearly 100 years worth of experience on the Foreign Relations Committee, compared to Obama’s three.

and concludes:

Put another way, Obama responded to a question about concerns over his lack of foreign policy experience by saying, “it’s not what I’ve done but who I am that matters.”

The author concludes by asking if this may work (as it did for Bush).

Does it? Rassmunsen tells us

While Barack Obama has touted his travel to the Middle East and Europe this week as a “fact-finding” trip, 63% of Americans do not believe it makes the Democratic candidate any more qualified to be president.

and in another survey

In a separate survey this week, 45% said Obama is too inexperienced to be president. This number has risen from 41% over the past week. But the same number — 45% — believe the Democratic candidate does have the necessary experience.

Slightly more than half (53%) of Americans in the new poll do not approve of candidates making statements contrary to U.S. government policy while visiting U.S. troops in a war zone. Only 29% believe that it’s okay to do so.

So, MSNBC – keep it up! Work harder for those 5 million – he needs it!


Politico reports that the lucky mortals bused in to worship The One at the stadium will have to

The crowd enveloping Barack Obama when he accepts the Democratic nomination for president at Invesco Field at Mile High will be asked to get to work for the privilege

Will they erect  a pyramid? Not yet. But:

“We’re going to ask those 80,000 people in that stadium to march out of there and go with very specific instructions and goals to register millions of new voters,” Hildebrand said.

Lucky dogs!

And in the meanwhile the emperor is making plans for presidential transition

24 Jul 2008 08:55 am

With less than six months to go before he would be sworn in as the nation’s 44th president, Sen. Barack Obama has directed his aides to begin planning for the transition

Answers McCain

That brought this response from McCain spokesman Brian Rogers: “Before they’ve even crossed the 50-yard line, the Obama campaign is already dancing in the end zone with a new White House transition team. The American people are more concerned with Barack Obama’s poor judgment and readiness to lead than his inaugural ball.”

Which is peachy. meanwhile McCain gains in polls in 4 battleground states

McCain and Obama are in a statistical dead heat in Colorado, Michigan and Minnesota while the Illinois senator has a more comfortable double-digit edge in Wisconsin, according to polling conducted by Quinnipiac University

Funny, wasn’t Colorado the one with the big stadium speech?

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It only hit me today as I was looking at my photos of May 31

this is where we’ll be staying! The place where DNC stole this election!

The place where we were kept out – in the pouring rain, where Harriet Christian and others were kicked out of the proceedings, and the place where we snuck back in where the warden-like hotel B0bot was guarding all entrances against us.
I guess I’ll go in through the front door, huh?
Irony and poetic justice…We go now there to try and redress the injustice
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Not Your Sweetie