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Update: the shock has reached headlines proposrions:
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Of course, the New Yorker article is the more interesting one

Everyone is in shock – B0 and McCain too at the New Yorker cover

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Hey, at least it didn’t call all his voters racists like some SNL episode that took on Hillary

or other examples from the Confluence:

or maybe this one is funny:

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On how many levels is this wrong? let me count the ways.

Politically Drunk captured this astonishing statement:

“I know how hard this is because I didn’t win when I ran, and it was very hard to get my supporters back on board with Sen. (John) Kerry, But we did. It took some time and some hard work but I think we’re making big progress.”

How do I start?

How about – Hillary won th popular vote of 18 million – Dean won…Vermont.

How bout – Hillary got 18,000,000 votes +  you got…937,015

2004 votes:

Kerry, John F., 10,045,891
Edwards, John, 3,207,048
Dean, Howard, 937,015
Kucinich, Dennis J., 643,067
(others), 591,524
Clark, Wesley K., 572,207
Sharpton, Alfred C. “Al”, 383,683
Uncommitted, 155,388

How about Dean never tried to get his supporters to back Kerry. On the contrary, when he droppd out of the race he called them on a conference call and asked them to back Edwards – out of spite agains Kerry.

How about – Obama is Dean 2.0 – same people manufactured them both, for the same reasons – only Clark cut off Dean’s coup in 2003.

One reason I know B0 and Dean are interchangeable cogs in the same operation

many others can be studied here

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If you thought PUMAs can only party virtually you have another thing coming!

Tonight, in our neighborhood a bunch of us gathered in the backyard of the bestest PUMA host ever and had ourselves one fantastic barbecue!

Lots of food, lots of ideas, and glamorous celebrities were there!

Harriet Christian was there, and PUMA “daddy” Will – he’s tall! and other Just Say No Deal-ers.

Amy Siskind whose speech inspired the name of this blog was there – she confirmed to me that she did in fact notice the “cut” signs the Unity lady was giving her – she just chose to ignore them. Cool!

Lady Boomer NYC was there as well – I just had read her entry over at No Quarter.

The creator of the winning T-shirt  from we all bought these days was there.

We’ll soon have a link to get her other creations, such as the one  Will is wearing here.

She told us  she was inspired by something she saw Fran Dresher wear on a Larry King show – a black T-sirt

with only one simple profile line. Her concept was to make Hillary’s silhouette look like a #1.

She was getting pings when the T-shirts were being bought – she told us the numbers are impressive.

Will was also optimistic about what we did so far on the fundraising.

Lady Boomer made an announcement – a new  blog radio show with exciting guests is being started by No Quarter.  (added the link on update) it’ll have exciting guests such as Valerie Plame. It is affiliated with NO WE WON’T, it will have shows at 10 AM and later in the day.

Annie1 from Capital Hill was there.

So were other interesting people I got to meet for the first time. The conversations were animated and interesting – and ideas were sparkling.

One of them – let’s celebrate Hillary on August 26! Here, in NYC – and maybe other places where PUMAS roam. One hell party – in style. As Hillary said “Couldn’t want to be in better company”

It was interesting how, after talking a while with someone, we’d reveal our internet handle and get a new level of knowing each other: so, you are Annie1! You are Edgeoforever! You are Lady Boomer! Love your blog!  And the talk would only get better fro there…

I was intimidated in the beginning – as most of these people were sharing campaign memories – Iowa, NH and beyond. I didn’t leave my city until May 31….Also, I am not really a party person, and I tend to blend with the walls when surrounded by strangers. Of course, PUMAs were anything but…We were all on the same wavelength as to the alternate reality we perceived which is getting no play out there and how we feel about it.

By the end of the evening –  we all bonded enough to hug affectionately when we left (and I so wanted to keep on talking and listening!). I truly felt I made new friends tonight – and that’s something that didn’t happen to me since – oh, high school (busy with raising a family and all that – for those of you trying to come to terms about being left out)

PUMAs will be partying in DC tomorrow ( a bit too much of  a commute for me), and soon in another NY spot.

Ah, and the person who came up with this logo for the evite for this party – come and take a bow! It was appreciated – I’d love a button!

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