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No, that doesn’t come from a Republican re: 2000 election – it comes from Brazile – who tells us

Believe me, I understand the soul-wrenching ache of watching your candidate lose (Al Gore in 2000). I get it. It sucks to lose

I guess Rove wasn’t kidding when he said

“”She made some generous comments after 9/11 that he deeply appreciated,” Mr. Rove said. ”She is, first of all, a great American before she’s a partisan, and she isn’t stuck in the 2000 election.”

Unless of course she is playing Republican with the PUMAS

Many of us showed our respect for Clinton by withholding our vote and support for Obama until the two had appeared together not once, but twice. I respected her enough that I argued vehemently back in February that the race not be called before every vote was counted and the necessary delegate threshold was reached. That happened June 3.

Guess what, Donna? It didn’t happen June 3 – superdelegates were added to create the illusion the threshold was reached. It wasn’t.

But it’s indeed very respectful of Donna to oppose calling the race in February…However will I repay such generosity?

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puma.gif picture by Robbedvoter

Update: today’s tracking poll has the 2 tied at 46% with

McCain is viewed favorably by 57% of voters, Obama by 55%.

While B0 plays emperor of the World, back at the ranch, the polls show a little surprise to the candidate that famously said

“I am confident I will get her votes if I’m the nominee,” Obama stressed. “It’s not clear she would get the votes I got if she were the nominee.”

Hillary voters – the ones that gave her Ohio seem to be  going over to McCain, B0.s confidence notwithstanding.

A poll released today by Rasmussen puts McCain ahead of Obama in the key battleground state of Ohio by 10 points.

Oops! And Michigan ain’t much better

Candidate OH MI
Pollster Rass DetNews
Date 7/21 7/13-16
John McCain 46% 41%
Barack Obama 40% 43%
Bob Barr 2%
Ralph Nader 3%
Details Link Link

McCain is up by 6% in the new Rasmussen Reports Ohio poll.. but his lead grows to 10% when factoring in leaners statewide!

The EPIC/MRA poll of Michigan voters included Ralph Nader and Bob Barr as candidates… and they combined to get 5% of the vote… Obama and McCain are in a razor thin dead heat…

Both pollsters show independents as being highly favorable to McCain. The unfavorable rating for Obama in Ohio is 46% whereas McCains’ unfavorability is lower (39%).

Updating this with an in depth analysis of Ohio from Real Clear politics

(6) Watch the south. It voted heavily for Clinton in the primary, and there are good reasons to expect it to support McCain. The bigger the margins, the better for the GOP.

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A reporter had to remind an Obama advisor as the Berlin orgy was described. Per Politico he had to as the adviser was saying:

“It is not going to be a political speech,” said a senior foreign policy adviser, who spoke to reporters on background. “When the president of the United States goes and gives a speech, it is not a political speech or a political rally.

As the seal debacle demonstrated,

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the Obama campaign not only bypassed the primaries, the Democratic convention, but the general elections too!

Still, for the humble us in the reality based comunity, the aide had to correct himself:

“He is going to talk about the issues as an individual … not as a candidate, but as an individual, as a senator,” the adviser added.

Trying to describe this “not a campaign speech”

Aides suggested the speech would not target Republican John McCain, but might draw contrasts with President Bush’s policies.

And this make it not a campaign speech how?

Adds Fox

Lastly, the campaign repeatedly dodged questions about whether it would position a camera crew of its own at the Berlin speech for the express purpose of shooting the scene for future campaign ads.

I bet they don’t tell anyone the speech is taking place…at the zoo

Barack Obama Bans Protest Signs in Berlin.

Obama’s organization is leaving nothing to chance. As of Monday, flyers are being passed out near Berlin’s Zoo that read “Posters & banners not allowed.” For security reasons visitors should not take purses or backpacks.


Ah, did I mention that opposition is verbotten?

Updating with Maggie Gallager’s “Faking it”

Obama has a problem: What do you do when you’re a lightly accomplished one-term senator, a former state legislator from Illinois, a Harvard law graduate who has no substantive record of accomplishments, and you are running against a war hero whom polls show that Americans overwhelmingly view as far more fit to be commander in chief?

Pose, of course.

And brings up Andrea Mitchell (of all people) revelatyins:

“Let me say something about the message management. He didn’t have reporters with him, he didn’t have a press pool, he didn’t do a press conference,” either in Afghanistan or Iraq, noted Mitchell on the air. Instead Obama manufactured “what some would call ‘fake interviews,’ because they are not interviews from a journalist,”

Manufacturing reality just got upgraded

Remember  the loveable war starting Iranian spy Chalabi?

Amad Chalabi has been with the neocons since 1985. He contributed the most spectacular misinformation to Bush’s 2002 State of the Union message, and Powell’s speech to the U.N., and the media. Eventually the U.S. stopped paying him when they discovered him spying for Iran.

He’s now goading Bush puppet Maliki into betting on Obama. Reports NY SUN

The matter was taken up at a meeting of Iraq’s National Security Council on Thursday on the recommendation of Mr. Maliki, who had been advised by the Iraqi politician Ahmad Chalabi to express public support for the Obama withdrawal plan. Asked for a comment yesterday, Mr. Chalabi, an old hand at working the American political process to the advantage of Iraq, conveyed a statement via his Washington representative, Francis Brooke: “This is an honor I will not claim and a rumor I will not deny.”

Chalabi Daily Show

updating with the “presumptuous Obama overstepping his authority as senator


Barack Obama made the first mistake of his trip, in my judgment, in releasing a statement in which he said exactly what Maliki had said in those conversations.

I think he leaves himself open to the charge tonight that he’s meddling, that this is not his role, that he can be the critic, but he’s not the negotiator.

Updating it with a WaPo editorial by a mccain Adviser

There is some irony in the fact that Democrats, after years of deriding Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki as a hopeless bungler and conniving Shiite sectarian, are now treating as sacrosanct his suggestion that Iraq will be ready to assume responsibility for its own security by 2010. Naturally this is because his position seems to support that of Barack Obama.

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What is it about B0 campaign and limiting colors?

First it was food colors at the convention

The 28-page contract asks that food come in “at least three of the following five colors: red, green, yellow, blue/purple and white.” Garnishes do not count.

Now it’s forbidden colors on the trip to Israel and Jordan: no Green!

Reports Politico

n a memo to reporters, described as “a few guidelines we sent staff before departure to the Middle East,” Obama advance staffer Peter Newell laid out rules on attire for Jordan and Israel.

First among them: “Do not wear green.”

An Obama aide explained to reporters that green is the color associated with the militant Palestinian group Hamas. But while the color does appear on Hamas banners, there is no particular symbolism to wearing green clothes, experts said.

It’s good to know such a solid judgment based on imaginary fact is displayed ( Hitler’s favorite monument comes to mind)

“I guess green is the ‘Hamas color’ — but it’s also the color of Islam!” Bazzi said in an email from Beirut. “That’s one way for the Obama campaign to alienate 1.4 billion Muslims worldwide.”

We wanted to be as respectful as possible. We wanted to go to the highest level,” said Jen Psaki, an Obama spokeswoman in Amman, of the campaign’s full list of sartorial suggestions, which also include a ban on nail polish and tank tops for women.

That’s nice. Except that they pretty much made their own rules – no one figures out why

I wonder if there was any rule against using terrorist organizations as security?

A spokesman for the Council on American Islamic Relations, Ibrahim Hooper, said Muslims might take offense at the campaign’s instruction.

“Are you kidding?” Hooper asked, when told of the memo, calling the move a “misstep.”

“The color green is associated with Islam worldwide,” he said. “Whether in some particularly tiny geographic location there’s some other local association based on politics is one thing, but to ask people not to wear green – are they going to ask people if he goes to Ireland, are they going to ask them not to wear green or orange?”

It should be noted that he even got his biggest fans, the Zogbys   scratching their heads with this one
The president of the Arab American Institute, James Zogby, said he didn’t think the rule would give offense, but that he did find it puzzling.

“I’ve never heard of that before,” he said, adding that nobody had ever suggested avoiding the color on his satellite television show, which airs weekly in the Arab world

Other signs all this caution is working

To me, this is part of the rock star syndrome….”Bring me M@Ms but remove  all the green ones”

I can tell you to sort M&Ms, I can be food and fashion police – because how can you say no to me? You wouldn’t be….racist, by any chance?

No excuse is too flimsy when it comes to ordering people around.

If this bunch gets into power, the Bush times will be remembered as “the good ol’ times

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