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It was No Quarter that led me to this significant battle cry to what we used to call “DLC types” that usually congregate at The New Republic. (you know – the DLC – the dreaded Republicrats that Hillary was accused of belonging to)

I do not remember any help to Hillary from the bunch. But they are surely doing the victory dance now:

Why Democrats have ever listened to these people is beyond me. Let’s applaud Barack Obama for ignoring the nonsense wing of his party.

As LisaB at No Quarter correctly observes:

Now THIS is interesting. Apparently the schism in the Democratic party continues. First it was Hillary supporters, dead-enders, who didn’t know the game was up and that Obama was going to bring sweetness and light to the progressive world. Now it’s the left’s turn under the bus.

If someone planned to destroy this party couldn’t have done a better job! Could they?

Naaah! When it comes to accusations of competence it’s when I draw the line….

Although there’s always that SNL sketch about Reagan only pretending to be out of it

and then turning into an evil genius once the girls scouts were shooed out of the Oval Office

Anyway, who’s under the bus?

Grandma, Wright, Pennsylvania, Mi, Fla voters. Appalachia voters, the working class, women, boomers, the Clintons and their voters, Clark atheists, anti-war activists – OK, let’s call them the “nutroots” to have fun like DLC has…

I am sure those mythical voters from the mushy middle, the fundies will more than make for us.

Hey, karma is a bitch – be careful what you wish for

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Where’s your “progressive” candidate now , ers?
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The article can now be found here

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It’s starting – the calls for Hillary to return are starting:

For Hillary it ain’t over till the Fat Lady sings

Couldn’t miss this one

The Obama propaganda machine, better known as the Mainstream Media, or the Paleo-Media, has been calling on Hillary Clinton to give up, go home, call it a day, surrender, face the facts, and quit since she first hit a speed bump in the Ohio Caucuses back in January.

(I am sure he meant Iowa, but the rest is great). And this is good too:

Liberals have been fighting with the “Even More Liberals.” The Left against the Extreme Left.

Which is Ironical, in view of the real backtrack Obama. A lengthy conparison to McGovern follows then the ending

Anyway, look for Hillary to persist in this campaign, at least until the vote at the Democrat Convention. Believe me she sees all of these things I have mentioned and continues to work the phones in an effort to sway those less than sanguine super-delegate Obama supporters.

We may yet see a “Hillary for President” bumper sticker in November.

Long Live Our American Republic!!!

Do I dare to believe it? Not sure. But this article is part of an incoming trend – so, I had to record it

43% of the CNN poll agree with this guy after all

And did I mention this was an article from MEN NEWS DAILY?

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CNN poll confirms PUMAS are on the rise

n a CNN/ORC survey conducted in early June, entirely before the New York senator officially ended her White House bid, 22 percent of Clinton supporters said they would not vote at all if Obama was the party’s nominee. Now close to a third say they will stay home. In all, only 54 percent of Clinton backers say they plan on voting for Obama.

In another sign the wounds of the heated primary race have yet to heal, more than 4 in 10 registered Democrats — 43 percent — still say they would prefer Clinton to be the party’s presidential nominee. That number is significantly higher than it was in early June, when only 35 percent of Democrats said they preferred the New York senator to lead the party’s presidential ticket Then, Obama won 59 percent of support from registered Democrats, now he garners 5 points less

Being CNN it’s all couched in medical terms – with wounds and healing – rather than voters justifyiably enraged at being robbed once again. They even have Schneider using words like “therapeutic” re: VP spot – immediately followed by ” but she is divisive, so no way”

Also, they try to take a swipe at Bill Clinton saying his ratings have gone down – when in fact his favorability was 53% in February when B0 started calling him racist and is 51% after all their effort – with the unfavorable going from 44 to 46.

More interestingly though, Hillary’s numbers WENT UP since April – 53 from 51 favorable, 44 from 46 unfavorable.

43% still would rather vote for her and the number of the people who would certainly vote in November without Hill on the ticket went down from 78 beginning of June to 75%

And yes, I do believe PUMA efforts are do be credited for those numbers going up.

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But in all fairness, i’ll give Backtrack Obama some credit as well for making Hillary supporters

un-endorse him

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