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And it’s a fact! here’s the roll call

26 senators – all Dem voted NO – the rest – B0 included – yes to fascism


Shame on all senators not on this list.

via makethemaccountable
On the amendment to remove telecom immunity, both Obama and Clinton voted yea, although it didn’t pass.  Clinton was a co-sponsor of the amendment, and Obama was not.
On cloture (to stop delaying a vote on the bill): Obama Yea, Clinton Nay.
On the bill: Obama Yea, Clinton Nay.
Alegre’s Corner has Hillary’s statement on the FISA bill.

Ftom Hillary’s statement:

In my judgment, immunity under these circumstances has the practical effect of shutting down a critical avenue for holding the administration accountable for its conduct.

What is more, even as we considered this legislation, the administration refused to allow the overwhelming majority of Senators to examine the warrantless wiretapping program.


Congress must vigorously check and balance the president even in the face of dangerous enemies and at a time of war. That is what sets us apart. And that is what is vital to ensuring that any tool designed to protect us is used – and used within the law – for that purpose and that purpose alone. I believe my responsibility requires that I vote against this compromise,

from this comment at Corrente:

on FISA bill. The overall bill.

I double checked with the telephone answering person, triple checked—she said defintely overall NO vote from Hillary.

I thanked her and Sen. Clinton, then asked if Clinton could give Obama a spine transplant…. We both laughed, but I got no response to that…way too politically dangerous.

Has anyone else called Clinton’s offices? Got this answer?

I’m a bit nervous, as it’s all too easy for things to change or for the person manning the phone to have misunderstood or been given incorrect info.

Please call! 202 224-4451. Took me awhile to get through, first busies, then had to hold. But a human did answer. Do feel really nervous—told tel rep that I was going to disseminate this info on blogs and wanted to accurate. She assured me the No vote was definite.

Do call! Keep up the encouragement.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…..

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Where’s your “progressive” candidate now , ers?
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The perception exists that the flagrant bias pro-Obama and againt Hillary started when this became a 2 candidate race.

Early in the primary campaign, it was apparent that “A” list blogs did not care for Hillary.  But the coverage was relatively fair until Edwards dropped out making it effectively a two-person race.  Some of the “A” listers were overtly supporting Obama, the rest leaned toward Obama while claiming neutrality.  The difference in these positions could be described as “sins of commission” versus “sins of omission.”

These studies were made as of last year on Mainstream media

It should be noted that Air America and the blogosphere went quite closely on the same bias throughout the campaign: ABC (anyone but Hillary). Once Edwards was out, things just became more stark, easier to see – and the persecution of Hillary and her supporters lost any restraint.

here are the old studies:

Radio coverage October 2007 – note the favorable coverage for Hillary:

,Project for Excellence in Journalism study found these numbers last October
Obama: 47% positive, 16% negative.
Clinton: 27% positive, 38% negative.
McCain: 12% positive, 48% negative
Giuliani: 28% positive, 37% negative

Net numbers

Obama +31
Giuliani -9
Clinton -11
McCain -36

and this is a cartoon from January:


More delicious fallout

So the Government would dearly like Mr Obama to find another platform, perhaps the town hall in the district of Schoeneberg where Kennedy expressed his solidarity with West Berlin. Almost everywhere else in the capital has unfortunate historical associations; the Olympic Stadium (where Hitler was enraged by the success of the black athlete Jesse Owens in the 1936 Games) has, for example, been ruled out.

Also, his latest flip flops resonated there too

Both Mr McCain and Mr Obama have expressed support for the death sentence and the right to carry guns — strongly-felt German points of issue with America.

Obamania, it appears, may evaporate rather quickly if the senator ever becomes president.

Lynn Sweet reports:

Obama mulling major speech in front of Berlin’s Brandenburg gate; to evoke, Reagan, Kennedy. “Ich bin ein Obama”

Aparently, lacking anything to say on his own, B0 is trying once again to take credit for other people’s moments:

The thinking is Obama would follow in the footsteps of two very famous Cold War-era speeches of U.S. presidents speaking in Germany: JFK “Ich bin ein Berliner” and Reagan “tear down this wall.”

Aparently though, Germans who are wary of megalomaniacs for obvious historic reasons are balking:

“The Brandenburg Gate is the most famous and history-rich site in Germany,” the Chancellery source said. In the past, the location has only been used on very special occasions for political speeches by world leaders. And it has been reserved for use only by elected American presidents, not candidates. The decision on whether the Democrat can speak at the location ultimately lies with the Berlin state government,” Der Spiegel reported.

I guess this could have been the bestest speech in the universe – a real Triumph of the Willie…

Too bad he’s giving the Germans the willies

Politico has a piece about the political clout these offer, how Dean parlayed his into DNC chairmanship, Kerry – a big deal endorsement, Clark was defended when attacked by the media recently.


“This is a medium that allows candidates — whether they’re successful or not — to maintain direct contact with their supporters,” said Daou, who said Clinton’s e-mail list is in the “seven figures,” though he wouldn’t give a more specific number.

It’s Clinton, however, who is the most imposing new member of the legacy candidate club. Aside from her e-mail list, she has direct access to even more supporters on social networks that didn’t exist in 2004. She has more than 158,000 “supporters” on Facebook and more than 191,000 “friends” on MySpace.

And they didn’t mention us,

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