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wondered about this before

Update – BO lead slips

Newsweek turned heads with a poll two weeks ago touting a massive 15-point lead for Obama. Their newest survey has heads turning in the other direction, showing Obama’s lead dwindling to just 3 points over McCain:

Seems Democrats for a Day used that second form

In the Newsweek poll, Obama’s support among Republicans and Democrats was basically unchanged, but his support among Independents dropped 14 points, to 34% from 48% two weeks ago.

Slicing the data by race and gender, Obama lost nine points among white voters (dropping from 45% to 36%) and nine points among women (dropping from 54% two weeks ago to 45% in the most recent poll).


Hidden in a snarky article about poor B0 having to pay Hillary’s debt, there’s this buried lead:

Several of Obama’s top fundraisers said yesterday that they don’t think trend lines showing three straight months of declining donations to the candidate are cause for concern. But they said the campaign has recognized it will need to expand efforts to raise money from high-dollar donors in order to meet budget projections.

updated with this nifty graph – June is missing:

Suuure they aren’t!  McCain raised 22 mil in June – after having tied B0 in May. No one is spelling it out, but is Messiah behind?

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No, this is not about the constitution, democracy, civil rights or batraying his base.

Cannonfire brings out the twisted sense of priorities of the orange cheeto:

Voting for FISA is bad not FOR YOU but B0 because

That has cost him some intensity of support, some bad headlines, a new avenue of attack for Republicans (even though McCain didn’t even bother showing up for the vote), and … renewed energy and sense of purpose for the ridiculous PUMAs. That last one is really fucking annoying.

Wow! Forget our civil rights and the 4rth Amendment, B0 energized the PUMAs and deflated his little followers.

So, in reality, it’s not as bad for B0 as it’s bad for Kos.

Shows that B0 is hardly the only narcissist in the Oborg.

Reminds me of the pro Jr media coverage – where the tragedy of the war was always evaluated in terms of how it affects W (and it was always in a good way too)

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Where’s your “progressive” candidate now , ers?
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Mary Bee at Alegre’s Corner does an excellent job of ‘splaining the Boys of Brazile what we are all about.

She concludes:

Forcing Hillary to say that she doesn’t want her name put in nomination won’t cut it either. We want our voices heard. We want to publicly express our preference for president. And we want to celebrate the first woman presidential candidate who has won
primaries and amassed a significant number of pledged national delegates.

Denying us this historic opportunity may well lead even more of us out of the Democratic Party forever.

It’s customary that those who break things need to fix them, not their victims. It’s also quite obvious to many that no matter how much lipstick one tries to put on this pig, it won’t make this “clinching” anymore legitimate.

Of course, in order to understand an explanation, one must first listen to it. Since I find highly unlikely that the Boys of Brazile will do that (I can see Donna typing on her blackberry: “stop the hate!”

here’s my preemptive

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I wasn’t going to comment on this until the official statements started pouring in.

It was a case of “The emperor has no clothes” (OK, “the clothes have no emperor”) shouted by a grown-up and passed on by little kids. Faux was going to copyright the story – so I was going to keep it at a distance.

But the rich Oedipal subtext makes it a good story beyond the colorful language (Jesse, not B0 was always the one with a gift for “le mot juste”)

Fathers and sons – a play on many levels:

First, you have Backtrack Obama reenacting his personal drama on Father’s Day by pulling a Bill Cosby on the black community – lecturing them about their family duties. The Million Men March theme. The arrogance of the Rock star/Messiah & the childhood hurts/identity crises he tried to gloss over in his first book.

Then, you have Jesse “Analyze those tears”  Jackson Junior – or is it two “Jr”s? dissing his own father  who has the temerity of getting between him and his coveted opportunity:

“Revered Jackson is my dad and I’ll always love him. He should know how hard that I’ve worked for the last year and a half as a national co-chair of Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. So, I thoroughly reject and repudiate his ugly rhetoric. He should keep hope alive and any personal attacks and insults to himself.”

Wow! Almost as poignant as the Mike/Chris Wallace tragedy.

Sharper than  serpent tooth

And so it goes…The abandoned child candidate (I shall award him Jr. Jr. nickname instead of Jesse –  I prefer it to Bush the 3rd) stirs negative feelings in the community that he’s supposed to champion and creates at least one father and son feud.

Wasn’t the lesser  Jackson into adding new chapters in the bible? This would make a far more compelling theme than a party hack engineered “clinching”.

Although, myself, I still think someone should write a play….In the meanwhile, paging Dr Freud.

And, as I read that the pundits are trying to spin this fiasco as ‘

“yet another triumph for Jr.Jr.” – I feel that the nerve this story hit is the same one as tossing grandma under the bus did – – it’s not the fathers but the sons who made fools out themselves here.

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