Union Square, NY

Obuma.jpg picture by Robbedvoter

…..Later that day

On the way to Union Square, some people (Obots?) were distributing stickers: “SEXY PEOPLE VOTE”.

he looked at my buttons as he was offering me one:

“I see that you already…..”

“You better believe I will vote!” and I put the sticker on.

I since checked – it was from the GLBT center

I fail again to find the other PUMAs but I am getting increasingly comfortable wearing my signs ans buttons on my own…I also found this impeachment group on the steps that was having an open mike event…One by one they were taking this mike and saying something impeachment related…One of the speakers surprised me by starting to read “He ventured forth to bring the light.. After that he read a poem “I want my country back” . it spoke of stolen elctions among others and at the end – not sure if part of the poem or personal confession – but the last line was “and I am not proud of my association with Howard Dean” The first applause of the evening followed.