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yet another “protesters clash with police” situation

This is the story from FB

Marley Windham-Herman UC Davis. This occurred in the quad. The police arrived to take down the tents that the students had set up. They took down the tents. The protesters blocked the sidewalk, saying that they would move if their arrested friends would be released, which of course was not going to happen. The police could have easily walked ,around, over or even pushed through these protesters. The pepper spray and arrest is not an enactment of the law. It is a demonstration of power that the police have. If they back down and are “commanded” by a bunch of shouting students then they effectively lose their mandate to control. If you can shout at a police officer long enough to make them not write you a ticket, then everyone would. The role of the police is to protect persons and property. Their actions today protected no one but themselves.

they are trying to make sense of Obama’s attitude towards OWS  summed up in this picture


Pres. Obama’s statement on peaceful protest (pic)

this is the photo that many try to debate. Some of the funnier comments

3. We must find some way to reach Obama and let him know what’s happening..
He would do something or at least make a statement condemning these outrages if he only knew about them.Help us Obama wan Kenobi, you’re our only hope.

.and also

53. I don’t think that would do any good.
He is pretty helpless in these things, as we’ve been told repeatedly. I suspect he doesn’t know anyone in politics.

.in all fairness, these are sarcastic.

42. I see from all the deleted messages this got some folks very upset
I understand how some devotees of the president would get very angry when seeing this pointed out.This says it all, Obama can make statements supportive of protesters in Egypt but when it comes to the USA there is a dead silence.Talk about being hypocritical.
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Strangely enough, it was the supportive messages that got deleted – maybe too personal? Still I found one:

44. can you imagine bush saying that! i hope he stays out of it since the left has no clue what to do
with the right’s best weapon- 1000 coordinated radio stations that have been trashing OWS and everything progressive for years- and since that same mechanism will be used to spin whatever he says whatever way wall st wants.why the fuck do you need obama now?pretty soon they’ll have obama on the boat pushing natalie wood

that poor, poor Obama! The cheerleaders took it n another thread

President Obama can’t win around here can he?

If he supports OWS he gets motherfucked for attempting to co-opt the movement.

If he doesn’t say anything he gets motherfucked for not supporting them.

Going to have to make up your minds on this one.

Can’t be both ways.

Which is it?


Half of the posts bash Elizabeth Warren (the new Hillary). Some of the funnier others

banned from Kos36. great post – will be ignored by the Obama “buddy of Wall St” conspiracy crowd
who can’t name a single buddy of his on Wall St.

this seems to be a theme. Here’s one who thinks Federal reserve is part of the government

49. Given that the President’s staff is his cabinet.
Name one that is a Wall Streeter? Don’t say Geithner, you would be wrong. He was head of the NY FED, very much part of government. But go ahead, name one cabinet member that was employed as a bigwig on Wall Street.

and then, that powerless theme again

19. A lot of people act like Obama is their daddy, and has control
over everything in their lives.
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MADem Fri Nov-18-11 09:38 PM
Response to Reply #19
25. That’ true. The whole “Every Little Sparrow” thing.
Like he’s Jesus, or a King!I’ve lived under a King–they can’t always get stuff done, either….but they can say “Off with his head!”

Finally one spots the straw man

11. Who accused Obama of co-opting OWS?
 by MannyGoldstein
Wouldn’t he have to support them first? Did I miss something?

and one of my favorite posters sums it up

Stinky The Clown31. When did this become about him?


.one elaborates

girl gone mad

65. Kids are getting beat down, grannies and pregnant women getting pepper sprayed..

property destroyed, rights denied..

and we’re supposed to feel sorry for Barack Obama?



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