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Except for the final walk on the bridge, I was at all these events – walking downtown and up all day long! (missed the police scuffles though)

Morning Wall Street

Union Square

Foley Square



If you recall, the main topic in September was reducing the deficit and making cute (read: fasten your belts, the bankers need a new pair of shoes).

Enter OWS. At first they were ignored. Then they were ridiculed. Then brutally evicted. And now they win. This is a lobbyist memo on how to further slander them. It’s interesting comparing the prescriptions of the memo to actual media coverage – me thinks it’s being done already. When they discuss the political ramifications, watch the tools from both parties trying to distance themselves from Wall Street:

Boehner spokesman Michael Steel declined to comment on the memo. But he responded to its characterization of Republicans as defenders of Wall Street by saying, “My understanding is that President Obama is the single largest recipient of donations from Wall Street.”

On “Up” Saturday, Obama campaign adviser Anita Dunn responded by saying that the majority of the president’s re-election campaign is fueled by small donors.

Sure they are all lying. But thanks to OWS, they now HAVE TO.

sign from OWS event

Not Your Sweetie

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