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Why are some of us pissed off and uneasy?


Obama Administration: US Forces Can Assassinate Americans
NYT: Obama Administration Pressuring NY AG To Accept Bank Settlement Instead Of Prosecuting
Feds threaten crackdown if medical-pot makeover becomes law
White House visitor logs riddled with holes
Obama’s John Yoo Moment– Cherry Picking Lawyers
Activists cry foul over FBI probe – The Washington Post
Emails Show White House Promotes Genetically Engineered Crops in Wildlife Refuges
Obama Broke Pledge to Force Banks to Help Homeowners
Obama’s tough budget cuts: money to help needy pay for heat
Labor unions uneasy as OSHA withdraws proposed rules
Justice Department seeks to have all web surfing tracked
Treasury Blocks Legal Aid for Homeowners Facing Foreclosure | The Nation 
US to lift ban on new cases for Guantanamo detainees
Obama administration keeps new policy on Miranda secret
Drug Makers Win Administration Support in Price Dispute
Counterinsurgency Outsourcing: America’s New Mercenaries in Afghanistan, Middle East, Africa
Obama administration readies indefinite detention order for Guantanamo detainees
War Room: Contrary to public statements, Obama admin fueled conflict in Yemen
A Reversal on End-of-Life Planning Under Medicare
Obama and GOPers Worked Together to Kill Bush Torture Probe
U.S. drops demand for Israeli settlement freeze
Obama waiver allows U.S. aid to 4 countries using child soldiers
The Deal with the Hospital Industry to Kill the Public Option
Blackwater Wins Piece of $10 Billion Mercenary Deal
U.S. Is Said to Expand Secret Actions in Mideast
Obama invokes ‘state secrets’ claim to dismiss suit against targeting of U.S. citizen al-Aulaqi
Despite Fresh Rhetoric About Saving U.S. Manufacturing, Obama Is Quietly Pushing Failed Bush Trade Policies
Administration backs utilities in climate case 
DOJ gags scientists studying BP disaster
US Still Holds Detainee Pentagon Wanted Freed in 2004
Banks to benefit most from White House program to help fight foreclosures
White House proposal would ease FBI access to records of Internet activity
White House Mulling Business Group’s Regulatory Hit List
Obama Hires Fmr. Wellpoint Exec to Implement Health Care Law
Obama – Scientists expected Obama administration to be friendlier
Across From White House, Coffee With Lobbyists 
Administration Hardens Stance Against Leaks to Press
Obama administration backs private twist to public housing
Lawsuit to Challenge Salazar’s Wholesale Disregard of Marine Mammal Protection Laws in Gulf of Mexico
NOAA Warned Interior It Was Underestimating Threat Of Serious Spill
Feds on GMO Labeling: Don’t Tell, Don’t Ask
New rules on terror custody being drafted
Afghans ‘abused at secret prison’ at Bagram airbase
|Obama administration backs telecom immunity
Obama Packs Debt Commission with Social Security Looters
Pesticide Lobbyist Gets Posted as Chief Agricultural Negotiator 
Environmentalists Blast Obama Mining Reversal
More Obama DOJ attacks on whistle-blowers
Obama’s Sudden, Senseless Assault on Medical Marijuana

To name a few.

If course, sources are challenged, messengers attacked. You have comments like this

88. President Obama could crap gold bricks, that crowd would just accuse him
of spending too much for food at the White House. Nothing will satisfy them, or teafucks.
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That poor, poor man! Others, sarcastically post photos of the dog and Obama with babies to appease the malcontent.

and since CNN revealed it to me, here’s the pepper spray lament

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