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and the interview with the creator is here

an excerpt on how they found the spot for projecting

MR:Β Opposite the Verizon building, there is a bunch of city housing. Subsidized, rent-controlled. There’s a lack of services, lights are out in the hallways, the housing feels like jails, like prisons. I walked around, and put up signs in there offering money to rent out an apartment for a few hours. I didn’t say much more. I received surprisingly few calls, and most of them seemed not quite fully there. But then I got one call from a sane person Her name was Denise Vega. She lived on the 16th floor. Single, working mom, mother of three.

I spoke with her on the phone, and a few days later went over and met her.

I told her what I wanted to do, and she was enthused. The more I described, the more excited she got.

Her parting words were, “let’s do this.”

She wouldn’t take my money. That was the day of the eviction of Zuccotti, the same day. And she’d been listening to the news all day, she saw everything that had happened.

“I can’t charge you money, this is for the people,” she said.

The one sympathetic cover – AM-NY responds to yesterday’s Daily News (DO OR DIE):


The Daily News OTOH, shows its annoyance loud and clear (why was that protester’s head next to the cop’s baton?


Metro amps the same photo, but with a less nasty headline

while NYT has a picture that speaks the truth – just look at that baton – Β under a title that lies

(how can peaceful people “clash” with armed ones?) But then, it has to match the fluff piece over Madame “Get out of My ER”

Murdoch’s rag suddenly cares about the working stiff – right under Demi and Ashton that is –

forgetting to say it was the police, not protesters who blocked streets

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