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A small but spirited contingent picketed some of the sides of one of the Credit Suisse buildings for the anti war profiteers action last night. I didn’t know there were two huge Credit Suisse buildings there and they had a zillion entrances

– now noticeable by the number of cops (Bloomberg’s army) posted there.

yet another “protesters clash with police” situation

This is the story from FB

Marley Windham-Herman UC Davis. This occurred in the quad. The police arrived to take down the tents that the students had set up. They took down the tents. The protesters blocked the sidewalk, saying that they would move if their arrested friends would be released, which of course was not going to happen. The police could have easily walked ,around, over or even pushed through these protesters. The pepper spray and arrest is not an enactment of the law. It is a demonstration of power that the police have. If they back down and are “commanded” by a bunch of shouting students then they effectively lose their mandate to control. If you can shout at a police officer long enough to make them not write you a ticket, then everyone would. The role of the police is to protect persons and property. Their actions today protected no one but themselves.

We woke up at 2:30 AM to see it. I took a few photos with my little digital camera

Our dog was ecstatic to be on the roof so late. The sky was perfectly clear

In the morning, at 5 AM, I could see the end on my bedroom window ( no camera then). The brown (not amber) part was at the very bottom – a different angle than it started.

And now on with this eventful, shortest day of the year!

Solstice to come at 6:38 PM, EST

Just felt like posting a photo – planted the purple beans, took the shot – the moon just happened to be there I just waited for the sun

this is before the sun came

It appealed to both the gardener and the sci-fi lover in me. And, come to think of it, the purple lover as well.

The flowers weren’t bad either.

A few days ago I posted a group of photos that went viral – generated thousands of hits. I have been passing by the rat housing project daily but only now the credit was posted on the fence. So, I wanted to air this too, especially since its no less interesting than the rest

Also, a new house appeard – I’ll try to get a clearer photo when I can get closer (boxes blocked access today)

The writing says: HARD RAT CASE

.One of the former more interesting houses was re-positioned so I was able to take a better shot

But on a sad note, I have to report that the Capitol Hill rat house is gone.

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September 2020