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The Daily News has a few nice articles inside – not on line unfortunately

and more surprisingly, a realistic coverage in the NYT of police abuse

Police Force Wall Street Protesters Off Sidewalks

The protesters shouted back, β€œThis is a peaceful protest.” The police seemed to back off. The protesters moved in again.

As the confrontation continued, the police kept yelling orders that the sidewalk was closed, or temporarily closed, or had to be closed to keep order. They fanned out in a line, stretching orange mesh netting across the breadth of the sidewalk, and walked along, pushing protesters back and sweeping them away.

The strategy drew expressions of puzzlement from many in the area.

β€œThe police warned these people to move because of pedestrian traffic, but this is an empty place,”

More encouraging to me, people in the comment finally lay this where it belongs: on Bloomberg:

Ordering pedestrians who are not breaking any laws off an otherwise empty sidewalk is not a lawful order, so any arrest is a direct violation of civil rights.

Shame on the NYPD for abusing its authority. And shame on the Mayor for allowing this continued affront to our democratic ideals.

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