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Health Sector Totals to Candidates

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Total to these candidates: $41,912,484 (Dems 66.7% and Repubs 33.1%)


Obama, Barack graph $19,462,986
McCain, John graph $7,389,547
Clinton, Hillary graph $6,397,849
Romney, Mitt graph $2,283,350
Giuliani, Rudy graph $2,075,197
Paul, Ron graph $828,483
Richardson, Bill graph $778,170
Edwards, John graph $587,941
Thompson, Fred graph $537,429
Huckabee, Mike graph $491,202
Dodd, Chris graph $339,850
Biden, Joe graph $283,880
Brownback, Sam graph $108,580
Thompson, Tommy graph $67,811
Nader, Ralph graph $62,251
Kucinich, Dennis graph $54,357
Vilsack, Tom graph $32,800
Tancredo, Tom graph $31,600
Hunter, Duncan graph $27,930
Barr, Bob graph $22,550
Gilmore, Jim graph $15,600
Gravel, Mike graph $11,721
Keyes, Alan graph $11,600
Baldwin, Chuck graph $6,050
McKinney, Cynthia graph $3,750

In the city, TV talk shows are big news

as upstate they talk about the Governor’s reforms

and the Geithner investigation

NY Times gives Harold Ford page one for his “evolving views” (he’s for choice and gay marriage now, doncha know).

The snark in the headline may be due to the fact thet he chose NY Post to air those suddenly convenient views for NY first.

Here’s a paragraph I like:

A Ford campaign could become a delicate subject for the Obama administration, however, which is more reluctant to assert itself in New York politics after failing last year in its effort to elbow Gov. David A. Paterson out of his election bid.

How about his failure to support the black democrat in the Mayoral race against the billionaire Bloomberg?

But the show stopper is the NY Post which revives one of the classics (Ford to the Bronx: Drop Dead) Read the rest of this entry »

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