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Now that the “reconciliation” between the Senate and House bills is taking place – secretly – this is one of the questions.

The House bill had a tax on the wealthy, the Senate a tax on the “Cadillac plans”(i.e plans which actually pay for healthcare)

So, which one is Mr Hope & change pushing for?

In case you didn’t guess right away here’s a clue from the past – a story “leaked’ repeatedly about a fallback White House draft of the bill

Obama will save us “if Congress veers too far left”

This is the paragraph present in all versions of the “leak”

White House is also preparing its own “contingency” bill as a backup plan if Congress veers too far left

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It seems that Oscar Wilde war right about getting everything you wished for. (it’s the only thing worse than not getting anything you wanted)

In spite of the appearance of being pacified for which some shills work very hard indeed, this story made “best of” recently

At some point you just say you are done. And I am at that point.

it recounts a simple moving personal story and ends with

My own issues are but are a small thing really, I know that. From gay folks wanting DADT repealed to folks fighting for single payer, from our homeless friends wanting something to change to help them to others like me unemployed with personal issues that are eating away at them – where is our help, our bailout?

and then

You want my vote? Then do what I put you in office to do. If you are not going to that, then screw you.

It’s surprising how many agree – in spite of a few shills who bring in loyalty and such. There are even posts like this one

37. I too have crossed that mysterious invisible line.

I am done.

I am leaving.

I recommend anyone that has the ability to get the fuck off this sinking ship.

From someone who has been miserable to PUMAs in the past, on an ugly, personal level.

And today – on Free Speech TV, Thom Hartman has according to this read the post on the air.

The thread about that is number one – although I suspect, part of it is the thrill of exposure. But now that it has ‘celebrity status” there’s nothing but praise for the original post.

It should be noted that the illustration for this post also comes from B0botland. It’s sourced here:Houston Chronicle

My reaction to them?

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It’s official: NYC tabloids get yesterday news. They finally got around to the security snafu covered by upstate papers yesterday

Best title goes to NY Metro

although the Daily News does well too

Heck of a job, Barack!

NY Post features a gossip story which confirms (yet again) “what a feminist White House Looks like”

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“There are a number of things he was for on the campaign trail,”

Nancy Pelosi answering a question about Obama’s campaign pledges re: C-Span being allowed to film the House Senate negotiations on Health Club for Men

ObamasLying.jpg picture by Robbedvoter

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