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Remember the embarrassingΒ  situation Obama created in NY for the upcoming gubernatorial primaries?

The flimsily disguised reason then was that with Giuliani running, there was a danger of losing the seat.

Now New York Post tells us

O ‘campaigns’ vs. Dave – even with Rudy out

Mind you, the “leaker” quoted in the article doesn’t specify to what length they’d go to push Paterson from the race. Judging from the fact that they are leaking this kind of material to NY Post, I’d say, pretty dirty.
And judging from what he did to Bill Thompson in the mayoral elections, maybe we should adapt Kanye West’s song here:

Obama doesn’t like black people

Oh, I am so volunteering for Paterson!

A second White House source tells NY Post

“Do you think [Sen.] Chuck Schumer and the Democratic members of Congress want to run with Paterson at the top of the ticket? . . . This isn’t just about the governor running for office. It’s about the entire Democratic ticket.”

Good to be reminded. Chuck Schumer being the guy who negotiated women’s rights to chose out of the Health Club for Men. And the rest of the ticket went along. The only democrat I’ll be voting for this November is Paterson. And I’ll remind NY women the reasons.

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