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In the previous entry on the subject, I was quoting some spin from B0botland based on Dr Jonathan Gruber’s article in WaPo saying that taxing “Cadillac plans” was both a topping and a floor wax.

Today Jake Tapper writes that our fan of taxing union plans was an officially – well – paid shill for the Obama administration

In November this blog, too, cited Gruber’s work with no disclosure (and no knowledge) that he had nearly $400,000 in lucrative contracts with the Department of Health and Human Services.

Tapper is quick to conclude that this doesn’t mean Gruber’s arguments are wrong.

I  guess his argiments should stand on their own:

Moreover, most experts and Congress’s Joint Committee on Taxation assume that most companies would not end up paying this tax but would instead reduce their insurance spending to below the threshold for the tax. And when firms reduce their insurance generosity, they make it up in higher pay for their workers.

Yeah, that’s the ticket!

and if common sense isn’t enough, there’s a study debunking this too


Krugman follows Gruber with similar spin. Oy!

Seems PUMAs are everywhere these days  – this is a copy of the resignation letter as published by Boston Globe

Friends and members of the FDTC,

I am writing this letter to tell you that as of this morning I have switched my voter registration from Democratic to Unenrolled and hence am resigning as the FDTC chair.

I am a lifetime Democrat so this has been a very hard step for me to take but I’ve come to the conclusion that the Democratic Party no longer stands for anything I believe in.

Amongst the many reasons for resignation:

1. Our state of Perpetual War is continuing and even expanding. Next thing you know we’ll be in Yemen. Our resources are being spent, horrible atrocities are being committed by US troops, and the wars are pointless and unwinnable. See  Western troops accused of executing 10 Afghan civilians, including children.

3. The continuing erosion of our civil rights to the point where American citizens are no longer guaranteed due process or habeas corpus, which basically means anyone the government deems as troublesome can be “disappeared”. See One day we’ll all be terrorists.

and ends with healthcare reform – and unlike most – mentions women’s rights

. And as a final insult, it includes provisions stripping women of the most basic right of all – ownership of their own bodies. Note to Democrats – pro-choice is in the party’s platform and you don’t compromise on principles.


Interestingly enough lots of B0bots also cheer,

but some food fight ensues

Then throw your vote away, the Democratic party will survive without you, and those of us who remain

will make a difference

girl gone mad Donating Member (
22. “the Democratic party will survive without you”
Exactly how many people are you willing to sacrifice?
DisgustedInMN (120 posts)
35. NOT acceptable.
I refuse to pay homage to a political party that has deserted me. PERIOD. I WILL NOT wait until “Democratic and GOP base were to agree to split the parties at the same time.” That’s just a recipe for more of the same. I don’t have the resources OR the time to “wait” any longer. I gave them all to the Dem crop of 2008 that PROMISED ME “Change you can believe in” and is now selling me out to the highest bidder. Better pass the word along to your “Committee,” you aren’t getting another chance to do the right thing if you fuck this one up.
Never again.
HughMoran Donating Member (1000+ posts)
36. Well, nice knowing you then

HughMoran Donating Member (1000+ posts)
39. Very nice!
but I support Democrats – so I’m allowed to stay here.

DisgustedInMN (120 posts)
40. Well pal..
.. at the rate you’re throwing us under the bus, won’t be long till it’s just you here.

BTW, smart guy, I registered as a Democrat in 1971. Thanks for helping that party walk away from me.

Since it’s Saturday, some economic realities can be dumped today

Newsday doesn’t seem so confident in Obama plans judging by page placement. Other papers don’t even bother to headline it

NY Times ads a picture to the story

Wall Street Journal has the right headline

and Daily News sticks to terrorism

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