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By now it’s clear to anyone that anything may happen in the special election in Massachusetts.That causes the Unity Pony to take some hits.

In B0botland the upshot is this self examination

Is this Really Going to Be a Board that Hopes for Dem losses in the Senate?

To be sure, this particular discussion is one of those loyalty calls, and it’s answered by many of the faithful.

I still find it interesting that is framed in the form of a question .

Because that’s where a lot of the threads on Coakley-Brown seem to be going. You have active posters advocating NOT VOTING in a close Senate election in order to “punish” or “change” the direction of the party. This is fucking insane.

and it ends with the threat of banning (as this is “contrary to the mission of this board”…)And it’s significant that on this thread, meant to rally the loyal, dissenters dare speak up

4. when it’s obvious that the establishment has set this in motion why should anyone care

even if he gets clobbered by many with threats of banishment. And yet another rises, timidly

21. I don’t want it to happen but I think it will and it pisses me off

All that pain we went through with George Bush seemed a little bit worth it to get such unheard of majorities. But what did they use
it for? A crappy hcr bill.

We are blowing this. Who do I yell at to wake up?

and again

41. I haven’t seen anyone advocate that- but I have seen a lot of folks recognizing

that there’s a chance (where there shouldn’t be) that it may well happen.

Fact of the matter is- and the “leadership” in its arrogance never seems to learn- that if it rather publicly lets down- or creates the perception that it’s unwilling (or incapable) of fighting for its key constituencies, preferring instead align itself with unpopular with corporate interests- then people aren’t going to get all fired up to work or vote for the party’s candidates.

That’s just basic human nature- and no amount of scolding or appeals to rationality or “lesser of evils” type deals is going to change it.

and again

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Most of the tabloids

are following up Haiti story

this time going to the chaos

of the rescue operation

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