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In his last blog entry, Paul Krugman is trying to ridicule the  House progressive opponents of HCR by using a South Park reference:  the  planning deficient  underpants gnomes

This is their plan

1. Collect underpants.
2. ?????
3. Profit!

and this is selectively applied only to progressive reps

1. Reject the only bill that can be enacted any time soon.
2. ?????
3. Universal coverage!

My first question: How comes Stupak and his 10 blue dogs who hold out for their anti-choice demands are not gnomes??

still think there’s at least 10 to 12 [Democratic] members [who had voted for the bill in November] who have indicated to me that they would not vote for the bill unless it had the Stupak language [on abortion].”

Why put pressure only on the progressives?

There are many excellent comments to this

. But this is the best:

And isn’t this your plan, Paul?

1. Force voters to sign up for health insurance from greed driven corporations while implementing nothing that has any real hope of bringing down costs
2. ????
3. Affordable health care for all!

And as I commented to the article – by only pressuring the liberals in Congress to cave in is how we got a bill so bad, former Obama voters went GOP in Massachusetts. 82% of the switchers wanted single payer, silly gnomes.

Where did the “do it right or not at all” Krugman go?

Not quite that headline but close

Hillary backers left to question Dems’ decision

The article appeared in Metro papers in NY and Philadelphia

But now that the influence of their “messiah” — President Barack Obama — proved not to be enough to keep the Senate seat of longtime liberal Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy out of Republican control, some are left with a burning question: What was I thinking voting for Obama?

“I definitely should have voted for Hillary!” bemoaned Phyllis Entis on her foodie blog at

“Yes, you should have,” responded a reader in the comments portion of the blog. “She knows how to get things done and isn’t afraid to use her power. We would have universal health care by now if she were in the Oval.”

Yeah, we were racist, old, uneducated, frustrated feminists and a few names I can’t print here

I can’t believe I can now read “Hillary backers” without the usual insult attached to it

“She didn’t dance around the issues,” “Bill” posted to “She never would have let Republicans get away with their antics. Dare I say it: Hillary ’12!”

I don’t dare – not with yesterday’s SCOTUS decision. The Mass election may be the last one where votes mattered.

I can only say

The NY Post uncovers a story involving another Obama administration member by just looking at billboards

while on Daily News, Edwards manages to get himself on another cover with his latest “apology”

Newsday sticks to reality – seems just yesterday we were told we recovered already

So is this uptown paper – with an interesting graph which shows how Jr.jr outdid Jr

NY Times takes on the latest SCOTUS decision and Obama’s “populist stance” on the banks – somehow their headline doesn’t sound that convincing

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