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It’s been a hard life for the shills in B0botland. From having to justify war escalation to taxing Union benefits rather than the rich – it’s been a pretzel brain twister as of late. Here is the “not a crook” defense based on insurers lobbying:

They take a WSJ article about which bill would insurers prefer

Health Insurers Seek State Oversight; House Democrats Prefer Federal Government

and find one sentence in there to make into their own headline

Insurance companies are pressing lawmakers to peel back a new tax on high-value insurance plans that President Barack Obama wants to include in the final bill. They also want to delay an across-the-board tax so it doesn’t kick in until the government begins distributing new subsidies to help lower earners buy insurance.

“Our fees are going to be well in excess of $200 billion, probably in the neighborhood of about $225 or so” over a decade, said Karen Ignagni, president of America’s Health Insurance Plans.

So, that becomes in B0botland

WSJ: Insurers Expect Big Hit in Final Health Bill


In my opinion, this is some solid evidence that Obama is not a puppet of the insurance lobby.

Applause, recommendations and snark at the disbelievers follows with just one common sense comment at the end

When you are relying in(sic) what Insurance Companies say to spin the healthcare plan it’s a problem.

Well  you relied on their bill, you might as well use their spin as well.

Reminds me of freepers spinning the Valerie Plame story: “she wasn’t undercover, and even if she was, she wasn’t named, and even if she was, it’s her fault for having a husband who said there was no yellow cake in Niger”


A bit OT, but had too: the media conscious WH – Tapper posts on facebook

Gibbs says State of the Union will not be on night of #LOST season premiere, Feb 2

.Yeah, cuz Losties may miss the bragging


Another doozie

President Obama has kept 90 promises and only broken 11


Rudy -9.11 Giuliani pushes delusion to new levels:

We had no domestic attacks under Bush. We’ve had one under Obama,”

For once Obama said the right thing, taking responsibility – yet no “bestest speech” crowing in the papers.

He gets one straight headline upstate

but another puts the damning headline right under it

In NYC, they’re less generous.

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