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I had stayed away from the entire Edwards saga – as the mere echoes were Schadenfreude enough for what John Edwards did to Wesley Clark in 2004 and to Hillary in 2008 and general political lies. I didn’t need to immerse myself in the whole tabloid story.

But the latest turn, finally caught me. According to the Daily News, Elisabeth Edwards commented on a number of blogs as Cherubim, targeting Rielle Hunter.

My favorite bit from that article was from Andrew Young’s book proposal:

After learning of the affair, Elizabeth made John sleep in their barn though she would wake him up with accusatory rants.

Looking for Cherubim’s posts on the internet I found out that they were made on numerous newspapers and blogs as well as the fact that th oster was suspected of being Elisabeth by some posters for some time such as this poster from June


I swear, Cherubim has GOT to be Elizabeth Edwards. All she does is posit that Rielle slept with multiple guys and paint Brecky as a saint. We KNOW he’s the father, cherubim, and sorry, but women aren’t sluts, they’re people.

I know Elisabeth likes to post – she was doing under her own name on DU for years. It became then clear to me that in the couple she was the progressive and I think once she got the upper hand because of the affair knowledge, demanded that John run on her agenda (my speculation – considering that JRE 2008 was a very different candidate from JRE 2004).

Still, after reading some of those cherubim comments – made from the ISP provider of someone in NYC, I wonder if – at least some of them are not made by John himself. Such as this one – on the same page at the Daily Beast


The actor in the picture above can’t play John Edwards in the movie. He’s not sexy, while, John Edwards is sexy as Hell.
See what I mean. Put the link below into your address bar.

2:26 pm, Jun 22, 2009
(The comment was made on the suggested “dream casting”) from the Daily Beast  which is reproduced above)
I can imagine John thinking which actor would play him in a Hollywood version of his tawdry life.
And then, there’s this one, begging for a job sounds so much better from John
President-Elect Barack Obama has chosen, mostly, Wall Street promoters and corporate lawyers to be in his cabinet. He hasn’t included anyone who knows how to interact and relate with everyday American citizens, and then report back to him concerning: (1) what the people need, and (2) whether his administration’s new initiatives are working. During the Great Depression, Eleanor Roosevelt fulfilled this role for President Franklin D. Roosevelt. I nominate Senator John Edwards for this role. John Edwards would be a refreshing change. Is not change what Obama s supposed to be about? As a rival of Barack Obama, for the Democratic Party Presidential nomination, John Edwards, consistently spoke up for average Americans, i.e. Main Street, not Wall Street. During his “Road to One America Poverty Tour” John Edwards demonstrated that he is uniquely qualified for this role.
Indeed. Other commentators wonder: but how could Elisabeth believed he was not the father? (the assumption in the beginning of this post). She didn’t – she would have tried damage control anyway. But what if, some times when she was asleep, John, came inside from the barn, logged in and wrote his own stuff – such as this particular entry – that goes on and on – like a campaign speech?