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Seems after so many obvious efforts to fix his own primaries last year. Obama is determined to do away with the whole thing – especially in the Hillary voting New York.

earlier this year he ordered some potential candidates for senate to drop off.

Now he is fixing the primaries for Governor elections. see the Daily News cover

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and their article. Apparently, after going against Obama on Caroline, Paterson was guilty of misusing the race card

More recently, Paterson went on a rant that racial bias was behind his negative coverage and claimed that Obama was the next target, a charge refuted by Obama’s press secretary.

The NYT article makes it clear that only Obama has the right to wield the race card as he sees fit (unofficially, of course)

The situation between Mr. Cuomo and Mr. Paterson has been a complicated one. Mr. Cuomo is still haunted by the fierce backlash he stirred in 2002 when he decided to run in the Democratic primary for governor against H. Carl McCall, the first serious black candidate for governor.

Now, Mr. Cuomo effectively has the blessing of the nation’s first black president to run against New York’s first black governor.

And besides that, primaries for the future are being fixed as well even as we speak

Democratic National Committee chairman Tim Kaine has moved several former supporters of Hillary Rodham Clinton off a key panel that will determine the party’s rules for selecting a presidential nominee.

After all, as the Daily News announced in the middle of last year’s primary

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And therefore, not mine. Ever since I noticed they were throwing out my primary vote last year.


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During the campaign, Obama deployed the race card strategically and when needed. We didn’t see it during the first 2 primaries, but it came out right before the South Carolina primaries, only to be stashed away until North Carolina came along. In the general elections, McCain sort of put an end to the dollar bill remark

And the permanent campaign continues. Chuck Todd  seems to have an “in” into Obama’s strategies like the time when he told us Roe vs Wade was Obama’s ace in the hole to manipulate women to forget his misogyny.

This time, he tells us that the race card will never officially deployed from the White House – only “outside commentators”. Like Chuck Todd. The strategy was interestingly revealed

BEFORE the speech, Joe Wilson, Carter’s comments etc.

It’s what Jr too was told to do once installed – let the media, flunkies speak for him, then pretend to deny it. Such as with the lie about Clinton vandalizing Airforce One,

If one listens to Chuck Todd’s revelation, he almost says “officially” when referring to  Obama’s staying above the fray in the new race finger pointing.

We saw him doing so with Joe Wilson, and even Gibbs responded about Carter’s accusations that Obama doesn’t think so.

So we are now to the “unofficially” – or those “outside” commentators.

As Clyburn insisted – and obtained a rebuke of Joe Wilson by the house (heckling is now officially more serious than starting wars), Carter had to follow the strategy for “outsiders” declaring

“”I think it’s based on racism,” Carter said. “There is an inherent feeling among many in this country that an African-American should not be president.””

I think it’s only deserved that the National Review dig a little in Jimmy Carter’s pro-segregation past

he became a member of the Sumter County School Board, which did not implement the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision handed down by the Supreme Court. Instead, the board continued to segregate school children on the streets of Carter’s hometown.

And I believe it’s also legitimate to call his accusations  “projection”.

For himself, Obama didn’t call for his supporters to “get in their face” this time, he only used the fuzzier “I’ll call you out”. Repeatedly.

So they are. There was MoDo’s column calling Joe Wilson a racist. Now Frank Rich is outdoing her by declaring

With all due respect to Jimmy Carter, the racist component of Obama-hatred has been undeniable since the summer of 2008, when Sarah Palin rallied all-white mobs to the defense of the “real America.”

It’s official: oppose Obama, his healthcare reform and you’re racist.(you were already if you didn’t vote for him)  Typical white persons are being called out.


Some wonder (h/t myiq2xu at the Confluence)

If Obama’s really not pushing his allies to play the race card, “from the bottom of the deck,” as I think was said of OJ’s attorneys, and if he really think this is not a racial issue and wants that known — why is it the White House is not also calling up the media to say “don’t push this angle, it’s divisive and wrong”?

To them I say: listen to Chuck Todd again – especially where he is choking on “officially” (paging Dr Freud!)

I for one agree with the commentator

“That’s both interesting and depressing”

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