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NY Newsday stays relevant with the theme from my previous entry

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NY Post is trying to be cute with some electoral news

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There was a hatchet job on him including from the DNC, the same time they were backstabbing Hillary. I’d vote for him over Andrew Cuomo, although I’d vote Paterson over him.

And, in a sign of the times, MY Metro gives us the bright sode of a bleak economy

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.For NYC real estate to go down, things have to be really, really screwed up.

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According to Politico

White House fears liberal war pressure

Of course, every time the media will make a big deal about the big bad liberals, it’s only to underline how caring this administration is and how insignificant opposition  has become. Just see how funny this headline from June looks now:

Obama Could Be Handed First Legislative Defeat Due To Anti-War Liberals

Of course additional troops have been approved by Congress since, without much fuss. I don’t expect anyone to dig their heels in when

but administration officials expect he will ask for at least 10,000 more soldier and Marines later this fall, on top of the 20,000 additional troops Obama authorized in February and March.

So, what does it mean when Politico says

“White House officials expect that a whole new national conversation about what the U.S. is doing in Afghanistan,”

First it’s because, as I was expecting, it’s the other side which is finally going to hypocritically ask for the war to end. George Will finally discovered this minegold of such turnaround and asked the obvious question:

Will: Why are we still in Afghanistan?

That will prove apparently more effective than Senator Feingold asking for a withdrawal timetable.

According to this article, he shouldn’t be holding his breath

“It doesn’t need to be victory in 12 months to 18 months — that’s not realistic,” a top administration official said. “But the American people needed to have a sense that we are moving in the right direction. We need to bring about noticeable change on the ground. We have to start to show progress.”

Progress? I hear “freedom and liberty are on the march”. Again.

As for liberals..


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