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Obama managed to be all over the place on healthcare reform. Pretend he was championing it while making secret deals with pharma. he pretended he favored a public option while leaving it all to the Gang of 6 in the senate and having his people cheering for the coops and trigger option.

But now, with thwo public option amendment being defeated in committee it seems Obama has to finally take a position. This is the Politico headline

Public option fate in Obama’s hands

He has been so wishy washy on it that at this point everyone thinks he is on their side

Public-option supporters a….. they’ll take their chance with Obama at the helm because he’s declined every public opportunity to remove the government option from the table.

But also

more moderate Democrats could point to a variety of statements where Obama is cool to the idea of government-run health care — including saying during his speech to Congress that it’s just one option for driving down costs and ratcheting up competition, but not the only one.

I am consigning this for future analysis as it’s one of those “shit or get of the pot” situations.

I am hoping for all our sakes he’ll do the right thing. But if he doesn’t, the defeat of the public option will be squarely his responsibility (unless one buys the version of evil Rahm keeping Obama prisoner in the basement or attic) . B0bots such as Michael Moore won’t be able to  put the blame  exclusively on

Democrats who have been cool to President Barack Obama’s call for meaningful health care reform

I am waiting to see: if Obama fails to support the public option at this crucial moment – will Michael Moore and minions work against Obama himself? or would that imply admission that they were used as patsies last year? Let’s hope that the Olympics issue will leave him enough time for this one.

It’s always disconcerting when I agree with the N Y Post, but in my new label free times strange things do happen. Here’s theirs on Hollywod’s thin starry line on behalf of their own

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I have to give it to them: “perversion of justice” is a great choice of words.

And I had my stomach turn as well when I saw Woody’s name in that crowd.

More on that petition here

I understood him I could at his time, but he should have had the decency not to turn activist on this one.

In case anyone doubts where I stand on this: Roman Polanski drugged and raped a child. I believe laws should apply equally to all: celebrities, former presidents and their crews, Wall Street embezzling CEOs, men of cloth as well as common criminals.

But that’s just me. What do I know – I  am also naive enough to think that all votes should be counted , equally. Even in primaries.


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